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sidney 10th September 2015 01:42

10.(N)/JG 2 later IV.(N)/JG 2 Emblem
Although Erik Mombeeck and Jean-Louis Roba’s book entitled A Chronicle of JG 2 "Richthofen", Vol.1, 1934 – 1940, written with I understand active participation of Chris Goss, is not new, and was probably discussed at length on the TOCH and other aircraft forums, there is one particular aspect of it that I found intriguing. Although perhaps some of the members will find the following to be an old news, some other members might find it interesting.

In the series of photographs on pages 65 to 67 (pity that the photos were not numbered for unique identification), the authors provided what I feel is indisputable evidence that the white/light gray owl sitting on a tree branch emblem belonged to 10.(N)/JG 2 from as early as the summer of 1939, when it was sported on the night Staffel’s Arado Ar 68 F biplanes.

It would thus appear that the references in the literature, quite consistent throughout, which refer to this emblem as being the 11.(N)/JG 2 (i.e., formerly 10.(N)/JG 26) emblem were based on the limited photographic evidence from Operation WESERÜBUNG, which commenced on 6 April 1940, with participation of 11.(N)/JG 2 and 12.(N)/JG 2 from 23 April 1940. Note that the majority photos from the above campaign show the Bf 109 D-1 aircraft of 11.(N)/JG 2 sporting this emblem, with the only exception being the Bf 109 D-1 of 12.(N)/JG 2 coded "Yellow 11 + N".

The aforementioned anomaly prompted me to cautiously propose that the owl emblem might in fact have been the IV.(N)/JG 2 Gruppe emblem. "…The 11.(N)/JG 2 Staffel emblem was sported on the 12.(N)/JG 2 Bf 109 D-1 coded "11+N" sometime in May/June 1940. In the absence of any further photographic evidence of this anomaly however, it is not possible to conclude whether at some point in time between February and June 1940 the 11.(N)/JG 2 emblem was adopted as the IV.(N)/JG 2 emblem…" Ref. Jagdwaffe Emblems 1936-1945: A More Complete History, pages 103 and 104.

To return to Erik Mombeeck and Jean-Louis Roba’s excellent book – I feel that the authors provided necessary photographic evidence to prove that the white/light gray owl sitting on a tree branch emblem initially belonged to 10.(N)/JG 2, and from February 1940, it also became the IV.(N)/JG 2 emblem. On page 88, the authors also drew a correct conclusion, when they wrote “… the Geschwader "R" and Gruppe owl emblem…"

I received the book only a couple of days ago. I found it to be a very interesting read, with numerous previously unpublished photos, and one that I would definitely recommend to others.

The owl emblem was previously discussed on the TOCH here

Any comments or discussion on the subject will be welcome.

sidney 13th September 2015 14:51

Re: 10.(N)/JG 2 later IV.(N)/JG 2 Emblem
The linked is I believe a rare in-flight photo of the 10.(N)/JG 2 Bf 109 D-1 aircraft coded "10+N" presumably in a mock dogfight with another Bf 109 D-1 of the same Staffel. Barely visible are the Staffel/Gruppe's owl emblem on the engine cowling and the JG 2 Richthofen emblem beneath the cockpit, which is somewhat unusual position for the JG 2 night-fighting Staffel - note that the more common position of the emblem was under the cockpit. The photographic evidence in the aforementioned Mombeeck book proves however that the Bf 109 D-1 of 10.(N)/JG 2 initially (i.e., while the aircraft were having the RLM 70/71/65 camouflage) had the Richthofen emblem in the former position. Source: an expired eBay auction. As discussed on the TOCH here:

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