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Michal 30th July 2008 20:43

357th FG on April 19 1945

357th FG claimed on April 19 1945 six shot downed Me 262s. I am wonder if somebody has informations about times and locations given in official US reports?

Captain Robert S. Fifield
1st Lt. Paul N. Bowles
1st Lt. Carroll Ofsthun
1st Lt. James P. McMullen
1st Lt. Gilman L. Weber and Captain Ivan I. McGuire,
Lt Col. Jack Hayes

Thanks for help


shooshoobaby 30th July 2008 23:38

Re: 357th FG on April 19 1945
Capt. Fifield - Prague
Lt. Bowles - Prague
Lt. Ofthsun - SW Prague -Ruzny
Lt. McMullen - Prague-Ruzny
Lts. Weber & McGuire - S/Dresden
Lt. Col. Hayes - W/Prague
Only time given - Lt. McMullen shot down Last ME 262 1300 Hours

agsbrunson 19th August 2008 17:38

Re: 357th FG on April 19 1945
19 April 1945 - Four 262’s dived out of high cirrus clouds; two made a head-on pass, shooting down a Fortress in leading formation. These jets were chased by “B” Group of 357th Fighter Grouup (P-51’s) back to Ruzyne airfield where they were destroyed by Lt. James P. McMullen and (shared kill) Capt. Ivan L. McGuire & Lt. Gilbert L. Weber.

Weber & McGuire shot 262 s/Dresden, it bellied in 1 mi. west of Ruzyne.

Mission Report states: "Lt. Col. Hayes' flight bounced one element as it took off. Col. Hayes got strikes on 262 leader who turned left, hitting the deck with full power and crossed river at southern outskirts of Prague. 262 hit the ground in a sharp right turn and the burning remains slid into a building."

Erich 22nd August 2008 05:20

Re: 357th FG on April 19 1945
Ofthsun combat report mentions 1215 hrs.

E ~

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