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John Beaman 24th April 2018 16:46

SS Enigma?
Did the Waffen SS or General SS units use Enigma machines for communications?

Orwell1984 24th April 2018 18:29

Re: SS Enigma?
Yes they did.
For example here’s a paper talking about decoding SS enigma messages:

John Beaman 25th April 2018 03:54

Re: SS Enigma?
Thanks so much Orwell!! Great stuff.

Nick Beale 25th April 2018 09:47

Re: SS Enigma?
The German intelligence services used it too, as did the Reichsbahn apparently.

Bruce Dennis 25th April 2018 11:53

Re: SS Enigma?
Hello John,
As you have heard, yes they did. Like all German users they had different models at different times, so different approaches were taken by those on the Allied side working to read it.
Was it a general question or did you have a particular time and place in mind?


edwest2 26th April 2018 02:35

Re: SS Enigma?
Yes, the Reichsban did as well.


Nick Beale 26th April 2018 14:30

Re: SS Enigma?
Just to add that Waffen-SS material is mixed in amongst the Army and Luftwaffe decrypts whereas the intelligence services' traffic is in separate file series (e.g. HW 16).

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