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Kaiyan 7th June 2019 19:43

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Based on what is visible under the wing I guess its DF+SC or DF+GC .....

Kaiyan 8th June 2019 10:58

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Ref my last post .. here is a pic of DF+SC.... only have Artist drawing of DF+GC so that may not have existed and remains in the maybe file until photo or doc surfaces.

edwest2 10th June 2019 00:08

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

paulmcmillan 10th June 2019 11:30

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Fairey Battle ??

Code P O/Q D ?? on Wing

Tom Willis 10th June 2019 12:07

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
The odd-looking tail does not look like any Battle I know. POD/PQD would appear to be part of a civil registration. I have looked at the French registration F-APOD (Potez 621) - APQD (Mauboussin 123) and again the tail suggests none of these.
Anybody like to take the reins!

Stig Jarlevik 10th June 2019 13:59

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

I am pretty certain this is the Potez 621 F-APOD
I know it was reported as destroyed in a hangar on 3 June 1940 at Etampes but I don't know how reliable this "inside" is, and the German could after all have dragged it outside before any final scrapping was done.

To me it looks like a big aircraft (which fits the 621) while all other options are even worse
F-APOO - Hanriot 16
F-APOQ - no known aircraft
F-APQD - Mauboussin 123
F-APQO - as above


Kaiyan 10th June 2019 15:30

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Two different aircraft...??

Tom Willis 10th June 2019 21:58

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Hi Stig & Kaiyan - Yes I was thinking along the same lines. The tail belongs to a Glen Martin 167. So more likely an aircraft dump rather than a crash-site.

Kaiyan 11th June 2019 00:28

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
I agree Tom .. the tail had me confused could not place it.

Bertrand H 11th June 2019 12:06

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

Post #583 first link : We have Curtiss H-75 n72 rather at Dunkerque-MArdyck rather than Calais. BUT what is this Belgie Fox(?) beside. Another ebay photos give a code 705 as a code on fuselage.


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