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Rolfeb 8th December 2007 16:09

Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
Dear friends of this forum,

There was a crash of the Halifax mentioned above in the area where I'm living.
3 crew members survived and I would like to get in contact with this 3 in case they are still alive.
The Halifax belonged to 100th Group/462nd Squadron.
The names of the crew members are:
A.M. Lodder (Pilot) RAAF
E.A. Casterton RAF
P.A. Naylor RAF

The Halifax was shot down near Gablingen, north of Augsburg (South Germany) by German Nightfighter. Date: 16th/17th April 1945

Who can help?

Thanks in advance

Andy ingham 8th December 2007 20:49

Re: Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
The pilot of your plane was
Allan Morris Lodder 426118
Date of birth - 24 May 1923
Place of birth - IPSWICH QLD
Both his service file and Casualty file are available on line.
Are you familiar with the National Archives of Australia Web site?
If not follow this link and seach using his service number.

Andy ingham 8th December 2007 21:43

Re: Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
I have also located the some information on the other 2 men.

F/Sgt Peter Athorn Naylor 1601854 RAF.
He came from Sheffield, Yorkshire.
Date of Birth 20 December 1922.
He was Air Bomber.

F/Sgt Ronald Eric Casterton 1572467.
He came from Failsworth in Manchester.
Date of Birth 20 October 1922.
He was married on 24.2.45 and is wife was called Bettie.
He was Air Gunner.

There is a Ronald Casterton listed in the England & Wales Death index.
He died in March 2003 aged 80 so could be your man. He was living in Nottingham when he died.

No entry in the death index 1984 -2005 for Peter Naylor.

For what its worth the name Naylor is very common in the Sheffield area.
Hope I've been of help

Erich 9th December 2007 02:29

Re: Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
Greetings Rolf !

was the LW Night fighter pilot : Oberfeldwebel Schmidt of I./NJG 6, his 15th kill at 03.44 hrs ?

Erich ~

Rolfeb 9th December 2007 12:19

Re: Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
Hi Andy,

thanks a lot, great help.


yes you are right. Schmidt is claiming the Halifax

Best regards from South Germany

GregW1966 16th February 2008 08:13

Re: Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
Hi everyone,

My name is Greg and I have been researching MZ-467 since September 2005. I set up a website when I started back in 2005 and it can be found here:

Just recently I received an email from Rolf after I had sent some emails to local mayors in Germany. I'm happy to report that I provided him with much personal information from Allan Lodder who is still alive.

I too like Rolf am very interested in finding any information on the other crew members that survived the crash. Andy thank you very much for the information you posted on Ronald Casterton, that might be our man fingers crossed.

Kindest Regards from Down Under


GregW1966 16th February 2008 08:45

Re: Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
Hi again,

I would also be very interested in finding out what happened to Flight Engineer Joe Hollins? Joe was on Allan's crew but at the time of the crash he was on compasionate leave, not sure what happened to him?

Thank You


RodM 16th February 2008 11:25

Re: Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
Hi Greg,

'just some clarifications from a documentary source...

Ofw, Schmidt made two attacks upon MZ467 from behind and at the same height (not from below as mentioned on your website). He fired 200 rounds at a range of 150 metres from the four frontal MG 151/20 cannon on his Ju88 G6.



GregW1966 16th February 2008 23:45

Re: Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
Hi Rod,

Thank you very much for the information regarding the shooting down of MZ-467. Is there any chance that you can advise me of the source of this information? The only info I have had to go on was Alan's account of what happened and seeing he was in the cockpit it would have been dificult I guess to tell what direction the cannor fire was coming from.

I don't have much information on the pilot other than his name was Heinrich Schmidt and his claim was 10km N of Gablingen at 03.44 it was his 17th kill.

Allan thought the pilot that shot him down survived the war, be interesting to find out some more information on him.

Many thanks for your information Rod.


RodM 17th February 2008 00:13

Re: Searching Crew Members of Halifax MZ 467
Hi Greg,

the source is the combat report (Abschussmeldung) filed by Schmidt on 19-4-45, countersigned by Peter Spoden (who, incidentially, sometimes posts on this board), the details from which I obtained via a third party. By the way, the claim was Schmidt's 15th victory (not 17th). While it is believed that Schmidt survived the war, I have drawn a blank from all enquiries concerning his fate/whereabouts.



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