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Leon 12th June 2006 00:45

Needed identification help
My friend gave me a copy of an interesting picture.
Is's a group of some Guard IAP pilots standing in front of P-39.
I'd like to identify the GIAP - but all my atempts failed.
Can anyone recognize anything familiar? In the middle we can see the HSU awareded pilot...

NBE1942 13th June 2006 15:22

Re: Needed identification help
HSU on the photo seems to be Sergey Dolgushin. Thus, the regiment is most likely to be 30 GIAP.

Leon 13th June 2006 16:37

Re: Needed identification help
You may be right. I didn't consider that he could be so... thin. I saw some of his photos taken during war time but they were not very clear.
On this propably postwar photo he looks more " impressively"
Thaks for your help.

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