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Flying_pencil 12th October 2010 04:31

Getting aviation books from Japan
The Japanese make some of the best books on aircraft, full of details that hyper perfectionist modelers want.

Of course getting those books can be tricky.

I am not making a business out of this
, just want to provide a source for getting those hard to find books.
My wife is Japanese and works for an Asian book importer, so she has the ability to order books straight from Japan.

We can also get those fabulous pre-painted 1/100 and 1/144 kits for those who lack the skill, or the time, or both, but do not take took much effort to build.

Cafe Reo Big Bird series in 1/144. (Current selection, not what they made)

Tsubasa Collection by DOYUSHA. offering 1/100, mainly single engine fighters. Most are Japanese aircraft, but they do have the "greats"

(yes, motorized)

Ask what you want, will see if we can get them for you.

Again, not a business, and I hope I am not breaking any forum rules.


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