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Snautzer 20th October 2017 21:39

eBay: German intrest
Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 Bachstelze

Steve Coates 20th October 2017 23:16

Re: eBay: German intrest
Low quality copies of photos of the testing of the Fa 330 V1 aboard U 523 in early August 1942. In the first photo, Kptlt. Werner Pietzch of U 523 is having the workings of the Bachstelze explained to him by the Fogelis Chief Test Pilot Carl Bode.

These photos repeatedly appear on E-Bay.

Snautzer 23rd October 2017 12:08

Re: eBay: German intrest
  1. KüFlGr 406 nice series of pictures
  2. Wrecks Bf109 Stavanger

2005burty 23rd October 2017 17:35

Re: eBay: German intrest
lots of Luftwaffe stuff on 'Relics from the Front' web site not sure about the provenance or history though from a mysterious london based collection...

Snautzer 24th October 2017 11:05

Re: eBay: German intrest
  1. Series pictures depicting live of 3. (F) 10Tannenberg
  2. Set of rumanian pilots and training airplanes

Snautzer 25th October 2017 11:50

Re: eBay: German intrest
  1. Condor Spain Do17 Pablo
  2. Condor Spain He111 reprint
  3. 4.(H)/31
  4. 4.(H)/31
  5. 4.(H)/31
  6. IAR80
  7. Avia B-534 German cross ?C+GG
  8. E.Udet Jasta 4 Pour le Merite

Snautzer 26th October 2017 12:40

Re: eBay: German intrest
  1. Me110E, ZG26 "Horst Wessel" 3U+??, winter camo Finland,
  2. Me110F ZG26 "Horst Wessel" 3U+WT
  3. Me110C LG2 L2+GR Krementschuk September 1941,
  4. Me110C Erpr. Gr. 210/SKG 210 Wappen Embleme 1941
  5. Me110C II./ZG 76 M8+?E Wesermuende Juli 41,

Durhamlad 26th October 2017 15:52

Re: eBay: German intrest
Did you see ebay item 401424313393 Kampfgeschwader-51-KG51-Hauptmann -Henning-3000. Feindflug - Luftwaffe.
Do you know of Hptm Henning and what the presentation (3000) was for? I can find no reference to any Hptm Henning in connection with KG51 Could it be Hans-Henning Freiherr von Beust ? Would he have been known as Hptm Henning?.
Thank you for your help.

Snautzer 26th October 2017 23:26

Re: eBay: German intrest
  1. Ju52 Mine sweeper

Snautzer 27th October 2017 13:10

Re: eBay: German intrest
Condor Legion La Cenia Spain Bf109 He70 Ju87

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