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richdlc 9th August 2018 10:15

New Publishing Company
Hi - Alfred Monzat has already made a post about our new Hs 129 book, but here is more information:

Big announcement time!

After a gestation period of several years and many hiccups along the way, I am pleased to be able to announce the official launch of my publishing company


Our focus will initially be on Luftwaffe subjects, although we do plan to eventually expand. Our first book will be a greatly revised and expanded edition of Martin Pegg's long out of print and highly sought after book on the Hs129 Panzerjager, originally published by Classic Publications in 1997.

Check out the website here:

As you navigate around the site, you'll find a 'follow us on Facebook' button - do please click on this and start following Chandos. Also, please let me know if you find any errors with the site, which has only just been built!

We hope to publish the book towards the end of this year. At the moment, the price is still to be determined, and I'll update that part of the site ASAP. For now, we are registering interest in the book - follow the instructions on the site to send us your name and email address. Once we are ready to launch (i.e. we have the product in our hands, and we have provided customers with a means of paying) we will send out a mailshot.

Thank you for looking at our site and we hope that our products will soon be on your bookshelves!

Maciej Góralczyk 9th August 2018 17:51

Re: New Publishing Company
Will the books be available through Amazon?

richdlc 9th August 2018 18:29

Re: New Publishing Company
I sincerely hope not!

no, my own website, plus possibly one more distributer in the UK and one in the USA

CortoM 9th August 2018 20:00

Re: New Publishing Company
Yes, this are very nice news. I will order this books for sure!

PMoz99 10th August 2018 08:35

Re: New Publishing Company
Rich - will you release an electronic version of the book?

Jukka Juutinen 10th August 2018 09:52

Re: New Publishing Company
I hope not. E-format is an anathema.

PMoz99 10th August 2018 14:07

Re: New Publishing Company

Originally Posted by Jukka Juutinen (Post 256117)
I hope not. E-format is an anathema.

I disagree entirely Jukka. They are much less expensive than paper, and are the way of the future. Protected, they are much better than paper. When you buy them, you get them virtually instantly. No postage cost.
Nearly all books I have bought in the last 2 years are eBooks, and at least 1/2 to 1/4 of the cost of the same in paper. The books you see on this forum are simply out of my price range. At a lower price, you would expect many more sales, and isn't that what an author wants - more people with their book?
Don't go on about copying and piracy - you can scan and distribute a paper book just as easily.

Jukka Juutinen 10th August 2018 14:35

Re: New Publishing Company
Well, one thing is that electronic formats change continually meaning that something that is viable today is totally invalid 10 years from now. Physical books have been around for hundreds of years. Second point is that how are you going to present e.g. A4-sized illustrations in e-book readers? The supposed "handiness" loses its meaning if you need A4-sized screens as would be authentic.

And electronic formats encourage a "throwaway" culture. When something is cheap and disposable, it loses its worth. Anf it something is worthless, do you ecpect it to encourage its makers to aim for quality?

As for piracy, are you really sure that it is as easy to produce a pirated copy of equal quality of a physical high-quality book than what is essentially a digital file?

Bombphoon 10th August 2018 15:40

Re: New Publishing Company
I wish you well with your new publishing project. Due to the internet, hard copy books and magazines are tragically in decline. The e-reader is destroying publishing further, not saving it.

One question: The design of the two covers on your website look like Classic Publications books - are they?

Nick Beale 10th August 2018 18:38

Re: New Publishing Company
The e-reader is destroying publishing further, not saving it.
But apparently not in the UK. Physical book sales rose last year and e-reader sales have stalled.

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