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Maciej Góralczyk 14th August 2018 02:58

Re: New Publishing Company
Judging by the pricing in auctions of similar size books listed by Chandos on Evilbay, the shipping cost of the Hs 129 book would probably be around £16-18.

richdlc 14th August 2018 10:19

Re: New Publishing Company

Originally Posted by Maciej Góralczyk (Post 256323)
What about high postage costs of sending from the U.K. to Central Europe?

that's just something we all have to live with I'm afraid. If collectors can afford £50+ for a book, generally they are fine with the shipping costs. Obviously I won't know the final shipping costs until the book is finished, but if the old edition is anything to go by it'll be 2kg+

As mentioned, with luck we'll also have a U.S. distributor - I think that'll be essential.

Any copy of the book can be sent with purchases from my monthly eBay auctions and I am considering whether or not to offer copies through eBay.

Jukka Juutinen 14th August 2018 10:29

Re: New Publishing Company
Royal Mail offers quite fair airmail shipping rates with "printed papers" rate.

Chris Goss 14th August 2018 10:42

Re: New Publishing Company
I have been told by Royal Mail that printed papers rate has been discontinued

richdlc 14th August 2018 11:05

Re: New Publishing Company
There’s one rate for everything. Depending on weight. Anything under 2kg goes by Royal Mail

Jukka Juutinen 14th August 2018 13:59

Re: New Publishing Company

Maciej Góralczyk 14th August 2018 15:46

Re: New Publishing Company
For what it's worth - perhaps consider Lela Press as another distributor. The French post still keeps the low rates for printed papers, which is one of the reasons I frequently buy from them.
Otherwise, Amazon and their marketplace sellers ship similar books for about £8 (+£4 for each another book) - are they doing this below the real cost?

richdlc 14th August 2018 18:48

Re: New Publishing Company
thanks, we are considering all options...

Amazon can undercut other companies because their profit for the last three months of 2017 was $1.9 billion, their 11th straight quarterly profit

edwest2 14th August 2018 20:37

Re: New Publishing Company
Amazon created a huge presence in the book market by undercutting bookstores. And people want to save money. Amazon's strategy was simple: buy books in bulk at 50% off and sell them from 20 to 30% off. The consumer saves money and amazon pockets the difference. Then it diversified into other things. Amazon is on its way to becoming a trillion dollar company. Apple just hit the trillion mark.

Alfred.MONZAT 14th August 2018 20:41

Re: New Publishing Company
Lela Presse sells books from Erik Mombeeck, Axel Urbanke, Red Kite, MMP, Kagero, Japo, Eagle Editions and of course many French books. I think that tell they are good distributor if all these people/company work with them, but see yourself with them in time.

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