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rof120 12th November 2019 19:01

"Verbose" posts, comments etc.
In order not to be sentenced to death by hanging AND firing squad because of missing direct connection to "Fulmars" I'll make the following remarks separately.

1. I already wrote this before but some people need a lot of repeating to understand eventually (perhaps): You don't like it? Don't read it. This is OK for me. You are a free man ain't you. You understand very slowly? I am not going to react like you and insult you just because you're different from me.

2. Most people, "even" at TOCH, are different: different characters at birth, different childhood, upbringing and education, diferent professional training in all possible professions, different life experiences. Some guys here, it seems, never got any school education after the age of 10 so they hate any detailed, in-depth, well-documented text which they hardly are able quite simply to grasp, to understand. I could add some nice pictures in colour to help them understand? This is not their fault and I am not going to laugh at them but it would be a good thing if they didn't laugh at others, including myself, just because they don't quite understand, because they don't get it. You don't like long explanations? OK - don't read them! (And, of course, never read any book nor any review article - O my God, they are so terribly long, how awful!). Don't read anything at all and you'll have a good rest.

3. Very strangely it seems - I don't know why - that all my posts (except perhaps on unimportant small details) are read very eagerly by numerous persons. See for example the thread I started on October 2, 2019 (Allied Air Forces) on French fighter pilots' scores: the number of views is now well over 2,000 and still going strong. Same thing for my Adolf Galland-thread a few months ago: well over 4,000 (for both parts together; a moderator split that thread), I guess possibly over 5,000 and still going strong.

The reason is obvious enough I think: my explanations are interesting because they are carefully researched (whenever possible), giving evidence and book references, they often cover poorly covered events or periods of WW II (a typical example is: French fighters 1939-1940) and they correct the incredible errors, often libelling and insults, to be found in many books etc., like "French pilots not even bothering to take off when German bombers were destroying the nearby city of Arras", French fighter formations flying a course opposite to the course leading to the battle area, etc. (how could they lose over 300 pilots from about 700 in 5 weeks' fighting, this is magic).

I should make it short? OK: to make it short, many persons obviously find my "verbose" explanations (written by a fool who needs psychiatric help) interesting enough to read them and to recommend them to their friends…

4. You want everybody here to write posts very exactly in the same way as you do yourself and without any lengthy explanations or details showing that the author respects his readers who don't know everything in advance (I don't either). This attitude is the same as all faschists' and nazis' in the world. They brilliantly proved how right they were (see 1940-1945). I know, (quotation) "THIS IS NO FUCKING DEMOCRACY HERE". I hardly could claim this to be an advantage.

5. No I don't count on reader's liking for heated discussions etc. This is very petty-minded. I am not like that.

Any questions?

I'll repeat for the 3rd time because you decidedly do not understand:


By the way, I don't read about 95 % of all posts here. Why not? Their subject is outside my field of research, or I don't find them interesting. So what? Everybody is free to read what he likes, or didn't I get it? I know a country where every single person HAD TO read a certain little red book. Same thing here?

PS: OK, I'll quit. It's no use. Yes I know: big sigh of relief. As they say in Germany, you "disgusted me out". I'll only make a certain thread complete, that's all. You'll be LEFT ALONE among you short-writers and dictatorship-lovers. I think I'll create a free forum where nobody will be allowed to insult others ("psychiatry" etc.) because they don't like the contents of their posts (new to them and their (one) brain cell), or their length.

Christer Engdahl 13th November 2019 09:29

Re: "Verbose" posts, comments etc.

Any questions?
Well, I've been around since 2004 and like you, I don't read everything but only what lies within my interest. My postcount is not very high which indicates that if I've got nothing to say, I keep quiet. I don't have a question as such and don't know what brought this on but it's sad to see anyone leave, if that's what you're doing!

Nick Beale 13th November 2019 09:45

Re: "Verbose" posts, comments etc.
As far as there’s a policy here, it’s pretty simple: stay roughly on-topic for the threads you contribute to, be polite, conduct personal disputes elsewhere. Happily most of our members manage this with no problems whatsoever.

rof120 13th November 2019 16:40

Re: "Verbose" posts, comments etc.
Nick, why did you write your reply (which is OK) under my name, so to speak with my signature? Is this a new kind of camouflage? Stealth maybe?

Nick Beale 13th November 2019 16:48

Re: "Verbose" posts, comments etc.

Originally Posted by rof120 (Post 277841)
Nick, why did you write your reply (which is OK) under my name, so to speak with my signature?

I have not the faintest idea, how that happened so I've deleted it. My reply was:
I'm asking you so naively because my command of the English language is so poor. I am just an (very inferior) European from overseas.
And now you are being disingenuous. As I suspect you know, I have already deleted a number of posts from the Fulmar thread that I considered off-topic and less than polite.

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