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Witold K. 10th July 2020 12:35

Flugplatz Lemonsky
I'm looking for location of flugplatz Lemonsky, where II./JG53 operated from between 25.06-01.07.41 diring Barbarossa
B rgds Witold

Snautzer 10th July 2020 13:22

Re: Flugplatz Lemonsky

Witold K. 10th July 2020 17:41

Re: Flugplatz Lemonsky
I was there. Nothing

Merlin 10th July 2020 18:43

Re: Flugplatz Lemonsky
It's today Nemakščiai in Lithuania.

Andy Mitchell 10th July 2020 21:14

Re: Flugplatz Lemonsky

Following Merlin's post here are the entries from Larry's Baltic Airfields file

Nemaksciai (LITH): see Nemokschty.
Nemokschty (LITH) (a.k.a. Nemakščiai, Segewald) (ZNr. 10-1545) (c. 55 25 N – 22 46 E)
General: field airstrip (Feldflugplatz) in W Lithuania 94 km NW of Kaunas and 65 km SW of Šiauliai (Schaulen). History: a pre-June 1941 Soviet operational airfield under construction. Luftwaffe activity here limited to fall 1944 after it had been reactivated by the Germans in summer 1944. Surface and Dimensions: natural surface measuring approx. 1420 x 1350 meters (1555 x 1475 yards). Infrastructure: no details found. Dispersal: no details found.
20 May 41: Soviet 14 IAB (14th Airfield Engineer Construction Battalion) had just started work to build this operational airfield.
15 Jun 41: shown by Luftwaffe aerial photos as an operational unoccupied field airstrip.
16 Aug 44: bombed - 1 x Fw 190A from III./JG 11 destroyed on the ground.
17 Aug 44: low-level attack - 1 x Fw 190A destroyed and another damaged (60%) on the ground, both belonging to III./JG 11.
27 Aug 44: bombed - 1 x Fw 190A from III./JG 11 destroyed or damaged on the ground.
Operational Units: III./JG 11 (Aug/Sep 44); 1./NSGr. 1 (Aug-Sep 44); NSGr. 3 (Sep-Oct 44); 1./NAGr. 5 (Sep-Nov 44).
Station Commands: none identified.
Station Units (on various dates – not complete): none identified.
[Sources: chronologies; AFHRA, BA-MA; NARA incl. T-321 roll 239/OKL 903; OKL Flugplatzatlas d. Sowjetunion; PRO/NA; web site]

Witold K. 11th July 2020 13:03

Re: Flugplatz Lemonsky
Hi everybody
I've already read it, however, found nothing about II./JG53, which operated from there for six days. Is it Nemakščiai and Lemonsky the same place?
B rgds

Larry deZeng 11th July 2020 18:38

Re: Flugplatz Lemonsky

"Lemonsky" has been pretty well covered here, including entries (posts) from both you and me:

I'm guessing you still haven't found it?

Larry deZeng

Franek Grabowski 12th July 2020 02:18

Re: Flugplatz Lemonsky
Next to the village is Legotiškė so I wonder if it is a distortion of the name retranslated from Russian. Literally it should have been Леготиске, but as Russians used phonetic transliteration it was rather Леготишки. A guess, as I cannot find an exact Russian name.

Witold K. 12th July 2020 09:39

Re: Flugplatz Lemonsky
Than You for so numerous contribution. I've tought about Lemansky location and I've got somewhat neck-breaking idea. I found a place called Limani in Latvia, it was a parish, which in Russian sounds spmething like Limanski. Meybe it is the misterious Lemonsky?
B rgds

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