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JC Beckwith 24th September 2009 15:12

Research question......III/JG7
I have been told that Luftwaffe fighter pilots Lt. Rademacher and Lt. Muller both claimed kills on 4-4-45. These planes were from the 448th BG. Were either of these pilots Aces? What base did they flew from? Are either pilot still living?

Unrelated question regarding the flak batteries at Ruouen (sp?) France. What units stationed in this area in late June 1944?

Thanks for any help that you can provide.


thenelm 25th September 2009 02:37

Re: Research question......III/JG7
Ltn. Rudi Rademacher had flown with JG 54 in the East and was an RK recipient who claimed somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 victories, including 16 or so with the 262. Mueller - there were a lot of Muellers in the LW - the commonality of the name is like Miller in the US. What is the guy's first name.

Kapper 25th September 2009 09:52

Re: Research question......III/JG7
According to Boehms history of JG7; Lt. Rudolf Rademacher and Lt. Fritz R G Muller claimed B-24s on this date.

Briefly, what I have on each pilot is the following

Lt Rudolf Rademacher; JG54, JGr Nord & JG7 - Knight's Cross 30 Sept 44 - survived war but Killed in Flying Accident 13 June 1953 - Total victories a bit confusing and Ive seen him listed as 97, 102 or 126, depending on the source of reference.

Lt. Fritz R G Muller; JG53 (17 victories) & JG7 (6 victories) - total 23 victories - survived war - fate unknown to me.



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