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esc201faem 15th October 2021 09:52

Japanese movie Eternal Zero
Good evening to all

The Movie Eternal Zero (2013), I went to you tube and found about three diferent versions of the movie, one is the movie but the other appear to have been made for TV ? diferent actors, even the song sang at the end of the movie was from a male to a female.

Can someone explain this

Thanks in advance

RSwank 18th October 2021 05:03

Re: Japanese movie Eternal Zero
The background of making the movie (in 2013) is discussed here:

The movie was based on the novel "Eien no Zero" by Naoki Hyakuta.

Toward the end of the article, in a section called "Other Media", they discuss a three part made for TV version of the story which was shown on TV Tokyo in 2015. The TV version used different actors and also included some different sections of the original novel.

Movie Version (with cast list):

TV Version (with cast list) :

esc201faem 19th October 2021 02:27

Re: Japanese movie Eternal Zero
Thanks Swank
also got the DVD for the original movie 2013


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