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RudiS 30th December 2019 12:13

Caveat emptor
This photo is currently for sale on eBay
by seller 1402black.

The same seller offered similar prints of this photo in the past using the names contra72 & lunalisa1. Buyer beware!

RudiS 4th January 2020 01:00

Re: Caveat emptor
And sold for a ridiculous 203,77 €. "Congratulations" to the buyer

Dénes Bernád 8th January 2020 13:50

Re: Caveat emptor
Thank you, Rudi, for pointing out this not so rare situation.
I also bid on this particular photo, of yourse not that insane amount of money.
Please, Rudi (and anyone else), if you will spot other similar incidents, inform us before the auction closes.

RudiS 9th January 2020 12:10

Re: Caveat emptor
Hi Dénes,
I posted the initial warning Dec 30th. The auction ended Jan 3rd. So it was posted before the auction closed.

No doubt more prints of this photo will appear on eBay in the future, offered by the same seller but under a different eBay nickname. I will post them and similar ones from other sellers.

RudiS 20th July 2020 09:55

Re: Caveat emptor

I wonder how many copies of this photo the seller has. I think this must be the 10th time he's selling this photo as "original"!

edwest2 25th July 2020 00:15

Re: Caveat emptor
A few observations. There are many buyers who are unaware of this site. And the photo is worth whatever someone is willing to pay. Buyers who do not know just do not know. If they have no idea then they just do what they want. So it is not ridiculous - to them.


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