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edwest 4th March 2005 03:23

Photos + Part Two 3-3-05
Me 109


Bomb damage photos

Aerial photos (note Do 335 in first link)


V-2 Documents and photos



Usual disclaimer,

brewerjerry 4th March 2005 10:21

nice captured hurricane
Hi All,
from eds posting, pity there isn't a side shot..
thanks ed , I hardly get the time to check your links, let alone search for the posting on e bay !!!
top man as they say.... keep it up.... much appreciated...
one day I will find a captured whirlwind.. :roll:

Sergio Luis dos Santos 4th March 2005 14:41

Nice selection today !!
The set of Me 109E photos are interesting. Maybe a school machine?
The aerial photos also very interesting, clear images and to my knowledge previously unpublished.

lritger 4th March 2005 16:46

I believe the Do 335 in the Muenchen-Riem overhead shot is WNr 240105, based on other shots I've seen of that bird at ground level with some sort of retaining wall behind it.

Great stuff as always, Ed... thanks!


edwest 4th March 2005 18:56

To everyone: You are very welcome. To me, this sure beats watching the tube. And adding to the historical record for the cost of some of my time is worth it.


Tony Kambic 7th March 2005 16:00

Belly-ed B-17
From the tail number, I believe it's from the 388th Bomb Group. Possibly 'Sky Shy' which was heading towards Switzerland on 2 engines.

Co de Swart 7th March 2005 20:38

Photo of 'German' Lw-plane with 'crew' in Africa:

Plane for sure is an English Hurricane-type.

Co, Holland.

edwest 7th March 2005 21:14


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