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paulmcmillan 23rd June 2017 15:30

Lt Clarence Henry "Dutch” Schildhauer Incident May 22 1925
From a article I read

The name of Lieut, Schildhauer, U. S.N. is omitted from the Engineering Division list, it being stated that his was a premeditated and not an emergency jump"

In 1925 he established a world's record for endurance for seaplanes which stood for three years. He made a forced parachute jump at Lakehurst in that year and became a member of the Caterpillar Club. Assigned to the parachute school at NAS Lakehurst, NJ, Lieutenant James Roland Kyle Jr #2950 was killed when his parachute failed to open after bailing out of a disabled aircraft.

Both Lieut. Kyle and Schildhauer, entered the parachute school at Lakehurst, N.J., in order to familiarise themselves with the safety devices. On May 22, 1925, the biplane ?? Jenny ?? in which they made the ascent being defective, engine trouble developed, the plane refused to rise above 500 feet and was swopping to the ground, when 200 feet up, the instructor signalled the aviators to jump. Lt Kyle's parachute failed to open, and he was instantly killed May 22, 1925. His body was brought to Lynchburg and interned in Spring Hill cemetery.

Both Kyle and Schildhauer were on the wings of the plane ready to make parachute jumps in this flight.

As Schildhauer, was already going to make a parachute jump when he had to use a parachute (because the motor of his aircraft was failing) , it was decided later to remove his name from the Official Caterpillar list.

However, I wonder (as Lt James Roland Kyle, jr. was killed in this incident) the type, serial (and even pilot of the aircraft they were using could be identified?)

Many Thanks


twocee 23rd June 2017 21:32

Re: Lt Clarence Henry "Dutch” Schildhauer Incident May 22 1925
I couldn't find anything for this. Perhaps the aircraft itself was not damaged?

paulmcmillan 24th June 2017 12:52

Re: Lt Clarence Henry "Dutch” Schildhauer Incident May 22 1925

Thanks for looking another tack has revealed the pilot and who else was in the aircraft. Just now need to find out what large biplane was being used at Lakehurst in May 1925

May 23, 1925
The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 20
LEUT. KYLE DIES IN FALL FROM PLANE Lakehurst. N. J., May 22 (AP) Lieut. James R. Kyle, Jr.. of Lynchburg. Va.,
was instantly killed here today, when he either leaped or fell off the wing of an airplane when the
motor went bad. Kyle and Lieut. James Schildhauer were on the wings of the planes to make
parachute jumps, but Kyle's parachute did not open until he was a few feet above the ground.
The plane was only 200 feet up. Chief Petty Officer Starr (Alva Franklin "Frank" Starr 1892-1958), who is in charge of the parachute school
at the naval aid station, signalled the two men to leap when the motor gave trouble. Lieut. Schildhauer
released his parachute and was pulled off the wing, landing safely. Kyle's parachute failed to open.
Chief Starr was in the plane to direct the jumping, while H. E. June (sic) piloted it.
Lieutenant Kyle is said to have been one of the officers who two weeks ago established a new world's
record endurance flight with a navy plane at Philadelphia

H. E. June is Chief Aviation Pilot Harold Irving June (1895–1962)


1925, Enlistment expired. Reenlisted five days later. Assigned to Lakehurst, flying for students of parachute classes and testing of all new para*chutes for navy

Many Thanks


paulmcmillan 24th June 2017 13:27

Re: Lt Clarence Henry "Dutch” Schildhauer Incident May 22 1925
I wonder if anyone can ID the type of aircraft in the background of the photo


L>R: Chief Alva "Frank" Starr, Pilot Lt. Brookley USA (Possibly Wendell Brookley???), Chief Lyman Ford ~ Probably Lakehurst NJ

here ??

thanks Paul

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