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Urusut 8th October 2017 09:12

Hptm. Wilhelm Hälbich

Can anyone provide details of the loss of Hptm. Wilhelm Hälbich who was killed on the 31.12.1943?


rickback4444 8th October 2017 12:56

Re: Hptm. Wilhelm Hälbich

I can find an Oblt. Wilhelmina Halbich who flew with 4/KG51 and was awarded the German Cross in Gold on the 24th September 1942.


Urusut 11th October 2017 10:13

Re: Hptm. Wilhelm Hälbich
Thanks Rick!

Kind regards,

Matti Salonen 15th October 2017 19:45

Re: Hptm. Wilhelm Hälbich
1943-12-31, 4./KG 51, Ju 88 A-14, 144025, 9K+KM, 3 km südlich Pikorez, unmittelbar westlich Straße Pikorez - Welikaja Step
Flugzeugführer Hptm Hälbich, Wilhelm, +
Kampfbeobachter Fw Lienau, Günther, +
Bordfunker Fw Große, Wolfgang, vermißt
Bordschütze Fw Domes, Reinhold, vermißt
Absturz. Bruch 100 %.


Urusut 17th October 2017 19:03

Re: Hptm. Wilhelm Hälbich
Thanks Matti!

Kind regards,

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