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BrianC 31st January 2020 18:53

Two SAS lost Finland 1942
Hi guys

Two SAS were conveyed to Far North Russia by RAF Catalina August 1942 following agreement with Soviet Air Force to airdrop them over Norway.

However, following a delay, they were eventually erroneously dropped over Finland, where they were captured, tortured and then executed.

Has anyone additional details? Identities?


Luc Vervoort 2nd February 2020 12:09

Re: Two SAS lost Finland 1942
Hi Brian,

Has the Ex-Lance-corporal X, QGM (author of The SAS and LRDG Roll of Honour 1941-47) already been contacted ?

See this link
(All copies of the book have been sold.)

Best regards


keith A 2nd February 2020 15:22

Re: Two SAS lost Finland 1942
What a curious tale.

Why SAS? I did not think there were any SAS units in UK in 1942, it was still a maverick, undisciplined rabble by late 1942 and didn't improve much afterwards. In Norway to do what, sabotage (two men?)? Why not SOE (trained intelligence operatives) rather than loud, aggressive door-kickers? Why not Kompanie Linge? :). If true it's a suicide mission from start to finish.

How did the Russians mistake Finland for Norway? Norway is much further. Were they drunk? Why insert them from Russia? Over hostile Finnish territory and Sweden? I have never heard of any collaboration efforts involving British commandos/SOE and the Soviets.

This sounds like a pub-story.



alieneyes1 2nd February 2020 19:39

Re: Two SAS lost Finland 1942
Something to keep in mind is that Russia borders Norway, as does Finland.

kaki3152 2nd February 2020 20:11

Re: Two SAS lost Finland 1942
Maybe a prelude to Operation Freshman?

Leendert 3rd February 2020 13:21

Re: Two SAS lost Finland 1942
For all those interested: story in online book MI6: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service 1909-1949 by Keith Jeffery.

Two SIS agents were sent to Russia (Lake Lathka) in August 1942. Plan was that the Russians would drop them within days near Kirkenes, Norway, to monitor German fleet movements. Drop was only two months later (without winter equipment...), and in Finland instead. Agents were caught and brought to Oslo, to be interrogated and ultimately shot.

No names provided.



BrianC 3rd February 2020 19:12

Re: Two SAS lost Finland 1942
Thanks guys for your positive input.

Keith, you should learn a lesson IMHO!

My reference came from Max Hastings' 'All Hell Let Loose', which was undoubtedly
extracted from Keith Jeffery's book.

Further investigation ongoing.


Nick Beale 3rd February 2020 21:02

Re: Two SAS lost Finland 1942

Originally Posted by BrianC (Post 282170)
My reference came from Max Arthur's 'All Hell Let Loose'

I think you may mean Max Hastings!

BrianC 4th February 2020 12:37

Re: Two SAS lost Finland 1942
Hi Nick

Oops! Thanks for that. Pass the water!


Leendert 4th February 2020 12:58

Re: Two SAS lost Finland 1942

Names are provided in the online book Secret Alliances: Special Operations and Intelligence in Norway 1940-1945 by Tony Insall.

They are Thor Sentzen and Hans Michael Skjervo. They were executed in April 1944.


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