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Matti Salonen 1st January 2013 09:23

Re: Memorial card questions
It seems, that Willy Frings was killed on ground. No aircraft NVM available.


Melvin Brownless 2nd January 2013 18:54

Re: Memorial card questions
Happy New Year Matti,

Thank you very much for checking!

Kind regards


rickback4444 20th January 2013 17:47

Identity of fighter Pilot?

Bought this portrait of flier with some interesting writing on the back.

Can anyone offer any clues or information.

Please see below.



rickback4444 20th January 2013 17:48

Re: Identity of fighter Pilot?

Please see photo of flier too.


byron- 23rd January 2013 20:09

Unknown loss in Greece
Hi all,

Does any one knows more about the following loss in Greece? The pilot was a member of a transport unit.


mayfair35 26th January 2013 08:29

Re: Unknown loss in Greece
Byron: On 15 Sept 1944, the 325th Fighter Group of the 15th Air Force shot down two Ju-52s. I shot one of them down and John Simmons received credit fot the 2nd one. I of course have no way of knowing if one of the pilots was Engelbert Sorg. This was an estimated 20 miles west of Athens.
Arthur Fiedler

byron- 26th January 2013 11:31

Re: Unknown loss in Greece
Good-morning Arthur,

Thank you for this very useful information. I am convinced now, Engelbert Sorg was flying a Ju 52 (likely of Transportgeschwader 4), killed by an American plain and not on the ground of Elefsis by bombs.

regards from Salonika

rickback4444 27th January 2013 22:51

Information concerning loss ofGunter Kranz - fighter pilot - 02.10.1944

Can anyone please provide details over the loss of Gunter Kranz - a fighter pilot who was killed on a flight on the 2nd October 1944?



NUPPOL 30th January 2013 02:26

Re: Memorial card questions
placed query at

Snautzer 6th April 2018 13:15

Re: Memorial card questions
Matti on death-card is says 1941-07-22

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