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Andy Fletcher 26th October 2019 20:11

What is the correct form of title for a Seenotstaffel, is it Seenotstaffel x or x. Seenotstaffel ie Seenotstaffel 1 or 1. Seenotstaffel. I have seen both forms used in different sources. For instance Michael Holm's uses the former but Larry De Zeng and Doug Stankey's Officer database predominantly uses the latter form.

Best Regards

Andy Fletcher

Larry deZeng 27th October 2019 01:42

Re: Seenotstaffeln
The correct official designations for all 17 of them was as below for 1. through 10. and for 20 through 81. See Norbert Kannapin (3 volumes) and or the Feldpostübersicht (on microfilm and CD).

1. Seenotstaffel
(Unit Code: W4+ - assigned Mar 44)

as: Seenotflugkommando 1 (1939 - Jun 41)
1. Staffel/Seenotgruppe d.Lw. (Jun 41 - May 42)
1. Seenotstaffel (Jun 42 - 19 Aug 44)

Seenotstaffel 20
(Unit Code: J9+)


Nick Beale 27th October 2019 08:08

Re: Seenotstaffeln
Did anything change with the reorganisation in 1944? I only ask because I have an NVM from 1945 for “Seenotteilstaffel 20 (Land)”.

Larry deZeng 27th October 2019 14:01

Re: Seenotstaffeln
L 60449

(23.4.1944-24.11.1944) 4.12.1944 Seenot-Staffel der Luftwaffe 20.

This is the only entry under in the FpÜ for its FpN. So the suffix "(Land)" was probably unofficial. There was no separate FpN for a Seennotteilstaffel 20 that I know of.


Andy Fletcher 27th October 2019 16:46

Re: Seenotstaffeln
Excellent Larry, just what I was after.


Andy Fletcher

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