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gordoc 19th June 2015 16:42

Volume Numbering System
Could someone please explain the volume numbering system to me?
Where there are multiple parts to a volume are Teil 3 and Teil 3/1, for example, the same book or is it Teils 3, 3/I, 3/II etc.

Jochen Prien 3rd March 2016 12:44

Re: Volume Numbering System

sorry for seeing your post so late. Here's your answer:

The series is organised in chapters, such as e.g. Pre War Period, Polish Campaign, Campaign in the West, Battle of Britain etc. Basically each volume should contain one chapter. However, if a chapter is too voluminous, it is broken up into sub-volumes, as for instance Vol. 4, dealing with the BoB, that had to be split up into two sub-volumes, 4/I and 4/II. On the other hand, short chapters are combined in a single volume as in Vol. 1 - Pre War and Poland -, Vol 3 - Scandinavia and French Campaign - etc.

The overall picture as of now therefore is that we have volumes 1, 2, 3, 4/I and II, 5, 6/I and II, 7, 8/I and II, 9/I, II and III, 10/I, II, III and IV, 11/I and II, 12/I, II and III and 13/I .

Hope this helps. The content of the respective volumes can be seen on the website of Rogge Verlag GmbH.


Jochen Prien

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