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Edward L. Hsiao 19th January 2015 10:11

Horst Schroder,DKiG Holder

Is there anymore information about Oberleutnant Horst Schroder who was Staffelkaptian of 6/SG-3 and had eleven air-to-air victories to his credit. He was awarded the German Cross in Gold. I may have spelled his last name wrong. How many combat sorties did he completed before he was killed in an plane crash on Jan. 24,1945?


Edward L. Hsiao

Edward L. Hsiao 21st May 2018 03:18

Re: Horst Schroder,DKiG Holder

Do you know any information about this little known ground attack pilot?

Edward L. Hsiao

Rottler 21st May 2018 12:48

Re: Horst Schroder,DKiG Holder
Hello Edward,

Gen.Qu. loss report from 16 February 1945 No. 85:
24.1. II./SG 3 Feindflug, Ort: Südwestlich Schönlanke, Ursache: Notlandung.
FW 190 G-8 588036 100%. F Oblt Horst Schröder (Staffelkapitän) tot.


gogh 21st May 2018 21:35

Re: Horst Schroder,DKiG Holder
post on 20th February 2010, 08:14 this site as F-8

Teresa Maria 22nd May 2018 02:18

Re: Horst Schroder,DKiG Holder
This is what De Zeng and Stankey say about him:
, Horst.
(DOB: 07.10.22).
(DKG). 02.01.43 Lt., Stab II./St.G. 3 unhurt - Ju 87 D-3 trop
(S7+GH) shot down by Spitfire vic B
ne force-landed but evaded capture. 19.01.43 Lt., 6./St.G. 3 WIA -
Ju 87 D-3 damaged by AA vic E Aroussa, force-landed at base. 09.08.43 Lt., awarded the Ehrenpokal.
01.08.44 promo to Oblt./A1.
06.08.44 Oblt., 6./SG 3.
08.44 Oblt., Staka 6./SG 3. 14.09.44 Oblt., 6./SG
01.10.44 Lt., unspecified SG unit, awarded the DKG. 22.10.44 Oblt., 6./SG 3. 24.01.45 KIA - Fw
force-landed SW of Schonlanke. Credited with 11 victories.

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