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Laurent Rizzotti 2nd June 2005 11:33

Three US losses over New Guinea, Oct 1st, 1944
For these 3 planes, I'm searching additional details.

1) Douglas C-47A-DK Skytrain 42-92062 (c/n 11821, 433rd TCG) lost Oct 1, 1944, Humboldt Bay, New Guinea. MACR 9016.
The 63d and 70th Troop Carrier Squadrons, 433d Troop Carrier Group, moved that day from Los Negros Island, Admiralty Islands and Hollandia respectively, to Biak Island with C-47s.
I have a list of four men of 70th TCS MIA this day (Captain Russell A. Morrison, Technical Sergeant John F. Semmens, Staff Sergeant Frank M. Staker, Second Lieutenant Kenneth E. Wirth).
Outside the 70th Sqn men, I have a list of twelve men commemorated in Manila as MIA the same day and linked to USAAF units, that may have been passengers of this aircraft: 6 of 574th Signal Air Warning Battalion, the other from 6 different units.

Would like to know the number of casualties and their names. I have tried to contact the 433rd TCG association but had received no reply.

2) The Douglas A-20G 42-54155 "Crap Shooter" of the 5th USAAF Air Force crashed near Nadzab, New Guinea. Five died in this wreck. The MACR 10019 covers this crash. This bomber was probably not in an operationnal unit.
I have two names of men buried in Manila and shown as killed that day and being from the Army Air Corps. One was killed in the other A-20G lost in Nadzab area this day (42-86717 of 5th Air Force Combat Replacement Training Center). So the remaining one may have been killed in "Crap Shooter". He is the Cpl Raymond H Hatlestad.

I would like to know the unit and the name of the casualties.

3) P-38 of 419th NFS. Lieutenant John McGee of the 419th Fighter Squadron, who was forced to ditch off the Southeast coast of Waigeo Island his disabled P-38 because of engine failure. He was saved by an OA-10 (Army Catalina) of the 2ns ERS that was almost lost to grounding during the difficult rescue.

There is no MACR for this aircraft, no surprise as the pilot was saved. The rescue took place on 1st October, so I suppose the P-38 was lost the same day. On the other hand, the source for this loss (the 2nd ERS website) has several date errors (or at least discrepencies with other sources). The other rescue listed for 1st October 1944 was in fact the day before and is described (in two different reports) twice on the site for both days. So 1st Oct may be the day of the report date rather than the rescue date.

I would like to confirm the date of the loss and to know the serial of the P-38.

Thanks in advance

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