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Urusut 9th September 2021 19:10

Uffz. Rudolf Dornheim

Please can anyone provide details on the loss of Uffz. Rudolf Dornheim (KG.26) who was killed on the 13.06.1942?


Jim P. 9th September 2021 19:28

Re: Uffz. Rudolf Dornheim
He 111H-6, 7251, Dornheim, Uffz. Rudolf, , II., 5., KG 26, , 1H+MN, CQ+VK, , 13-Jun-42, MIA with crew, cause unknown, during recon sortie to the Turkish coast., , Lfl.4/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #6)-Vol.9; Steenbeck, Die Spur des Lwen, p.344; Schmidt, Achtung-TorpedosLos!, p.353, , (Schwarzes Meer), 100%, F, B Fw. Hans Scholler, Bf Ogefr. Heinrich Eicks & Bm Ofw. Otto Kolbe, ,

Urusut 10th September 2021 21:42

Re: Uffz. Rudolf Dornheim
Many thanks, Jim!

Kind regards,

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