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VtwinVince 4th August 2022 19:34

Posting Images
Am I a complete idiot, or has the link for posting images vanished?

Chris Goss 5th August 2022 15:57

Re: Posting Images
Yes it has since the crash

RudiS 5th August 2022 17:36

Re: Posting Images
You can post them via an external site. This is how I do it:

First you open a free account on
Then you create a new album on this website.

Make it “private/everyone with link”
Upload a photo like this:
- First hit “upload”, then “browse on your computer”
- Choose your photo
- Hit “upload”
Once uploaded hit “Viewer links”. Here you can choose which kind and size you like. I always use “BBCode Full linked”.
Copy the link and paste it in the message box on TOCH. You do NOT have to use the “insert link” feature of TOCH. Just copy the link in the message box.

Hope this helps.

VtwinVince 5th August 2022 19:15

Re: Posting Images
Thanks Rudi.

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