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cproyston 8th May 2006 14:02

NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss
NSGr experts,

As noted in Fw 190D-9 Camouflage & Markings Pt 1, a Fw 190D-9, WNr 600385, was reported as lost by 3./NSGr 20 on 12th March 1945.

However, some confusion remains regarding the reported pilot, Lt Rudolf Huber, who is cited as flying with I./JG2.

Notwithstanding the confusion around the aircraft's pilot, can the loss be confirmed as made by NSGr 20?

Also, is a location given for the loss?


David E. Brown 8th May 2006 18:04

Re: NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss

Here is what I have on this aircraft:

WNr.600385, Code unknown, 3./I./NSGr.20. Lt. Rudolf Huber killed in crash on take-off due to engine failure at Diepenheim on 12 March 1945.

I have a source somewhere, likely from Richard Smith.



cproyston 8th May 2006 18:19

Re: NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss
Thanks David,

Long time no-speak, the location ties in nicely with the movements of NSGr 20, need a JG2 experts opinion now to rule that unit out,

Hope you're keeping well,


Chris Goss 8th May 2006 19:16

Re: NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss
Nothing in JG 2 lists and oddly, I must have missed this one in my NSG 20 list

Norbert Schuchbauer 8th May 2006 19:32

Re: NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss
I agrre with Chris. Could not find anything either. To my knowledge NSGr. 20 never operated the D-9.


John Beaman 8th May 2006 19:50

Re: NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss
Strangely, the same a/c and pilot are listed as lost, first by JG 2 on 9-Mar-45 from the Hans Ring VLM lists, and from NSGr 20 on 12-Mar-45 as listed by David Brown from a private source. Obviously one is not correct. I suspect Ring would be correct. There are no other listings for NSGr 20 and as others have said, I do not think the group operated the D-9 machine. The other losses for them in 1945, including 4 others on 12-March-45 are F-8 types. I suspect a typo somewhere over the decades.

Chris Goss 8th May 2006 20:23

Re: NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss
Agree with John-I have found FW 190 D-9, 600385 of 1/JG 2 shot down in combat with 36 B-26s near Bad Schwalbach on 9 Mar 45; Lt Rudolf Hueber killed. NSG 20 losses appear to be a mix of F-8s, G-3s, A-6s and A-8s but no D-9s

John Manrho 8th May 2006 20:34

Re: NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss
Chris, John and others; This is indeed a mistake in the JaPo book which I already informed Marc and Eric about. The text I gave them;

Lt. Rudolf Hüber belonged to 1./JG 2 and crashed 2,5 km north of Fischbach, near Bad Schwalbach. He flew Fw 190D-9, WNr. 600385 and was buried at Usingen where he still rests ( I have a copy of the VLM). The Fw 190 crashing near Diepenheim was Fw 190G-3, WNr. 160693 of 3./NSGr 20 .



ju55dk 8th May 2006 20:37

Re: NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss
On the VDK-gravesite he is listed killed 09.03.45!!!


Chris Goss 8th May 2006 20:42

Re: NSGr.20 Fw 190D loss
...which matches with what I have. The 3/NSG 20 ac was lost to engine failure, no casualties notified

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