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Ruy Horta 8th January 2005 11:25

Latest changes and short term plans
As you might have noticed I've been shuffling again.

Hopefully this will be the last major shuffle for some time to come.

I've removed the Guest Forum completely, those who want to register have done so, the trickle of new posts has not been enough to warrant the extra fragmentation. The present material was moved into the main discussion area.

The advertisement has been moved inside the Community section and has been reset as to require registration to post. Its a means to help the community find or sell items.

The effort to register is small, the poster becomes more accountable for his actions.

So as of today this forum is registration only.

The Review forum has been moved into the Discussion section, depending on your wishes/activity it might stay there or be intergrated into the main discussion forums.

Personally I like having a separation of reviews and general discussions, but 12 O'Clock High revolves around its community, so your wishes do count!

Ruy Horta 8th January 2005 12:38

I forgot about the short term plans.

1. Looking at updating this forum to the latest version of phpBB 2.0.11

2. Looking at ways to improve the general look of the forum and perhaps offer a choice of templates.

3. Start work on a new website at

Of course all suggestions are welcome.

Peter Mikolajski 8th January 2005 14:36


Originally Posted by Ruy Horta
3. Start work on a new website at

Ruy, I've got two questions:
1. What do you want to put on this site?
2. I think that you'll run it on CMS engine to save time. Which engine do you want to use?

Ruy Horta 8th January 2005 15:44

The new site will hopefully be a continuation (and improvement, although that should be easy) of my old website.

As for CMS, I am still undecided.

Have been looking at PostNuke and Mambo as the main candidates, since both are readily available through my webhosting service - Lycos. However I might simply skip the whole idea of CMS and stick to Frontpage. It depends mainly on the ease of frontpage versus the online possibilities of lets say PostNuke.

If the old site should develop into a more interactive enviorment, than a CMS becomes a must.

The last five years I have been ignoring the developments, now its biting me in the bum and I have to play catch up.

On a side note, I've just run a test install of phpBB 2.0.11 on a different subdomain and that went painless enough. Once we go live, I will look at testing various mods that make the forum more powerful. Point remains that this is virgin territory for me, so I have to learn every step I take.

And they call me an Information Specialist at work :shock:

Peter Mikolajski 8th January 2005 18:52

If I can suggest anything, don't use Frontpage - it generates a lot of messy code which can generate problems with modern browsers. I think that CMS is much better - once prepared can work almost without servicing.
PostNuke is quite old and I'm not sure how large (and how active) community support it.
Mambo 4.5.1a is my "weapon of choice". It's simple, small, very very flexible and configurable, has large and very active community and has a lot of add-ons and extensions. Check


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