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edwest 31st August 2005 03:04

Project Paperclip in Australia
Only it was called ESTEA or Employment of Scientific and Technical Enemy Aliens scheme. What was unknown until recently, was that Eugen Sanger (umlaut over the a and no e at the end of Eugen) and wife Irene Bredt were among those who applied. A little background:

The Anglo-Australian Joint Project for long range missile development was established in 1946 and the Woomera Rocket Range was opened in 1947. Out of the 150 scientists recruited, several thousand were under consideration. The applications by Sanger and others were tendered in 1949 and rejected in 1951.

All of this information appears in an article published by the American Institute Of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. and although page one can be viewed by clicking on See First Page on this site

(it is a PDF file), it costs $5.00 to get the entire article entitled: A German Rocket Team at Woomera? A lost opportunity for Australia

By the way, for a history of the joint rocket programme, I recommend the book: A Vertical Empire, The History of the UK Rocket and Space Programme, 1950-1971, by C. N. Hill.


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