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Buckeye30 25th May 2020 15:25

Old 1/48 WW1 kits
Hi Clint / Stig. I'm sure you are not old enough to remember the AURORA WW1 1:48 models from the 1950s ( I do!) but we thought they were great despite the inaccuracies ( which we didn't know about), the markings pressed into the plastic and odd colours--my Breguet was bright green. Also there was little information on markings and colours.

Later in MERIT / SMER ranges. This is the list; photos from old "Flying Reviews" also much missed.

musec04 25th May 2020 15:32

Re: Old 1/48 WW1 kits
Hello Nick,

Ah nostalgia! I remember Aurora kita still being about in the 1970s. I was never very aqequate at building kits, but my formative experiences would be more revell and airfix. Before, I realised that I'd never complete a kit to an adequate standard and gave up. I think middle earth related figures from minifigs were coming out at the time and having just discovered LotR I diverted to something simpler.



Buckeye30 21st June 2020 22:27

Re: Old 1/48 WW1 kits
Hello Clint. I meant to send these 2 pix with the Aurora link but must have deleted them somewhere ( getting too old for this crap) !.
If I remember the SE5A was more like a later SE5.

musec04 24th June 2020 09:12

Re: Old 1/48 WW1 kits
Hi Nick,

Well the "getting too old for this crap" certainly strikes a chord. I don't know if the subject has been dealt with already on this forum, but you wonder if people, shall we say under 50 buy kits of historical aircraft anymore, rather than more modern aircraft (if even those). I suppose they must or why do the manufacturers produce them? Unless of course there's a EU 1/72 F4U mountain standing somewhere in the Netherlands unreported by the media. :)



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