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SteveR 5th July 2020 19:39

TNA Website Down
Does anybody know what is going on with the TNA website?

Links aren't working; every attempt I've made to get to the AIR27 and AIR50 files has resulted in a 404 Error message.

Nick Beale 6th July 2020 11:36

Re: TNA Website Down
It seems to be OK this morning. I haven't actually tried downloading anything but I was able to add something to my basket.

They've just announced that the Reading Rooms will reopen on 21 July.

SteveR 6th July 2020 23:59

Re: TNA Website Down
Yup, working fine again now. Must have been a temporary glitch.

Tom Semenza 12th July 2020 17:37

TNA website down?
For the past few days I have been unable to access The National Archive website. Anyone else having this problem?


BruceMk11 12th July 2020 18:06

Re: TNA website down?
I had trouble a few hours ago and gave up.

RSwank 12th July 2020 18:27

Re: TNA website down?
They appear to be limiting the number of connections or requests. I was in briefly and then got knocked out and could not reconnect.

Col Bruggy 12th July 2020 18:28

Re: TNA website down?

The TNA has been cutting out at midnight here in OZ for the last two nights. They are in the process of introducing improvements to the old site and are tinkering with at the moment. No Warning!


SteveR 12th July 2020 18:51

Re: TNA website down?
Yup, been going out intermittently on me - once for 2 days - for over a week now. Got in long enough this morning to put 2 things in my basket then went out before I could do anything else.

Nick Beale 13th July 2020 10:23

Re: TNA website down?
It's working so far this morning but it looks like they've been making changes to some of the fonts and colour backgrounds used in Discovery.

andy bird 14th July 2020 08:57

Re: TNA website down?
Website Down again this morning at 06.10 UK Time just come back online at 07.56

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