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joost900 1st January 2015 11:28

24th December 1944 Website
Hello All,

First of all a Happy New Year to you all!

For a couple of years now I have spent time & money to investigate how a 8th AF mission was planned & executed.
My particular interest went to the largest mission ever undertaken.

I have decided to create a new website dedicated to the mission flown on Dec 24th 1944.
Although this site is still under construction I already would like to share the url:

I am very much new on making a website so I am still in a learning process.
Currently I am working with wordpress.

My Goal with this site is to tell the story about this mission:
How was it planned? How was it executed? What were the results?
To do this I have for almost every BG the mission report.
This mission is off course known for the loss of Gen Castle.

Also I have tried to recreate the mission in Google Earth based on planned data.
Unfortunately I have been unable to upload the *.kmz file due to security issues on my site.
I am still looking for a google earth plugin.

If interested in the Google Earth *.kmz file please send me a PM and I will give it a try to share it via E-mail.

Last couple of days I have done the following:

I have uploaded formation plans for several units, the page with links can be found here:

I have also uploaded the first pages of each MACR report linked with the Dec 24th Mission.
This page with links can be found here:

Also updated are my personal info & sources.
I still have a long way to go though but any feedback at this point is highly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Kind Regards
Joost de Raaf

canonne 10th January 2015 20:59

Re: 24th December 1944 Website
I wish you a Very Happy New Year !
Your website is an excellent one. Giving many helpful and vivid information !
I will see at it very often !

Best regards

joost900 14th November 2015 10:32

Re: 24th December 1944 Website
Hello All,

Since my last message there have been many updates on my website.
Such as formation plans, personal stories, Statistics, General Naratives

I have also recreated the mission as it was planned in Google Earth.
It looks like this:

Although it is still not finished, I do think i shows the shear magnitude of this particular mission.

If interested in the file, please send a E-mail to

Kind regards,
Joost de raaf

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