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Leo Etgen 4th November 2012 01:00

Brewster Buffalo Fuel Pumps
Hi guys

I am hoping that some knowledgeable persons can help me with a question about the Brewster Buffalo Mk I (B-339E) concerning the Pratt & Whitney Hornet fuel pumps that are stated to have been fitted to some aircraft. Is it known approximately how many aircraft were fitted with these? Did only the aircraft fitted with reconditioned engines (approximately 50 of the 70 AN-series) have these fuel pumps installed? I understand that the fuel system of the B-339E was unpressurized thus forcing pilots to utilize a cockpit toggle pump at altitudes above 15,000 feet and did this have anything to do with having the inadequate Pratt & Whitney Hornet fuel pump installed? Many thanks for any help.



Buffnut453 4th November 2012 13:15

Re: Brewster Buffalo Fuel Pumps
Hi Leo,

'Fraid I don't know the answer. I've reposted it on Dan Ford's Warbirds forum ( where Jim Maas hangs out - if anyone knows, he does!


Leo Etgen 5th November 2012 01:00

Brewster Buffalo Fuel Pumps
Hello Mark

Many thanks for re-posting the question on the Brewster Buffalo Forum. It is indeed a privilege that those as knowledgeable about this aircraft as yourself and Maas can attempt to answer my questions. It is a rather odd question but I did read that W/Cdr Wright who briefly served with 21 Sqn, RAF wrote that a number of aircraft were fitted with the type of fuel pump that is the focus of the thread. This recollection was made quite some time after the fact (45 years) and as I have come across mention of this frequently online I am wondering if indeed this was correct. There is much erroneous information about this quite interesting and in my opinion rather unfairly maligned fighter so hopefully this particular question can be resolved. I am also wondering if there was a noteworthy difference in regards to those aircraft fitted with the refurbished Wright Cyclones as compared to those without as most of the engine troubles that I have read about appear to stem from the fact that the oil cooling system was inadequate thus provoking a host of problems and that these affected all B-339E fighters including the W8-series that were fitted with the newly built Wright Cyclones. Could you please inform me of your opinions on this? Thank you very much for your time and patience.



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