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Horst Kube 7th August 2007 15:35

Hans Joachim Marseille
I thought, I should share this with you:

From July 26-28th 2007, Luftwaffe aces Hajo Herrmann, Hans Ekkehard Bob, Walter Schuck, Ernst Scheufele and Karl-Fritz Schlossstein met in Berlin to honour Hans Joachim Marseille, Ernst Udet and Werner Mölders at their graves.

They were invited by a - in my opinion a richer and better millionaire sponsor than "Sudek", named Mr. Klaus Blödorn, Berlin - who personally takes care of Marseilles grave and invests a lot of money in that.

Impressive is the photo, see scan, taken at the moment of silence in front of Marseilles memorial stone in Berlin/Schöneberg, left 94 years old Hajo Herrmann; right to Hajo stands Hans Ekkehard Bob, who - now 90 years old - landed and took off in Berlin-Tempelhof himself with his Jodel...!

All the best, Horst

John Beaman 7th August 2007 18:15

Re: Hans Joachim Marseille
Thanks for that Horst. Very nice. It is remarkable that Ekkehard Bob is still piloting at 90. I'll be lucky to be driving at that age!

Ruy Horta 7th August 2007 22:32

Re: Hans Joachim Marseille
Let me repeat that thank you Horst.

Both men are still looking very good!!

VtwinVince 8th August 2007 01:38

Re: Hans Joachim Marseille
Excellent, nice to see an Alter Adler still piloting his own machine. Reminds me of the time I went flying with JG 5 ace Leutnant Rost here in Canada.

Pilot 8th August 2007 15:19

Re: Hans Joachim Marseille
Great and interesting news

Red Baroness 23rd August 2007 03:43

Re: Hans Joachim Marseille
Wonderful news, and thank you Horst for that image. It is wonderful to see.

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