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S Sheflin 12th February 2020 22:18

Unique Balkenkreuze
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I have found unique markings on several what I believe are Fw 190 G-8s. In the first photo taken at Stendal (USAF) its non-standard black-outline fuselage Balkenkreuz can be seen; it appears that its arms retain their usual thickness and proportions, but the ends have been truncated.
In the second photo, the truncated BK is visible on the lower wings of another Fw 190 G-8 at Stendal (USAF).
In the third photo, probably another Fw 190 G-8 (expired eBay auction) this belly-landed example features a single underwing ETC503 and a truncated white/black BK.
I welcome any explanations or other examples of this type of marking.
Steve Sheflin

Roger Gaemperle 12th February 2020 23:33

Re: Unique Balkenkreuze
Steve, I have a sharper shot if the 3rd aircraft where the serial number is visible. If I remember correctly it is 5xxxxx. I can check tomorrow. Roger

Roger Gaemperle 13th February 2020 22:32

Re: Unique Balkenkreuze
The serial is 588xxx

S Sheflin 14th February 2020 00:25

Re: Unique Balkenkreuze
Thanks for the info, Roger.

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