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pierre21 19th July 2016 15:23

A rare SM81 "pipistrello" shot down in 1941
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On the night of 25 February 1941, a British commando unit invaded the island of Kastellorizo, held at the time by Italians.

At 11:25 of the next morning, 4 SM81 "Pipistrello" bombers of 223a Squadriglia took off from Cattavia air base in Rodos Island, in order to bomb the commando and to provide air support to the Italian garrison.

At 12:00 a lone SM81 took off from the same air base to check the results of the bombing.

As it was flying at a very low altitude it was hit by ground fire and was forced to ditch at sea, just 1 mile west of Kastellorizo.

The plane was coded 223-4 - m.m. 20452 or 20492.

pierre21 26th July 2016 13:05

FOUND! The P-47 Thunderbolt lost since April 21st, 1945
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An American P-47 Thunderbolt class fighter, was unearthed on Saturday in front of the dead serviceman's emotional children and grandchildren, who had travelled to Italy to be present at the dig.

The plane once belonged to U.S Air Force pilot Loren Hintz but was shot down by a Nazi anti-aircraft gun trying to protect the German Wehrmacht as they fled from towns around the Italian city of Bologna on April 21st, 1945.

Hintz was killed just eight days before the war in Italy ended, leaving behind his five-month-old daughter, Gretchen, and his wife, who was carrying his unborn son, Martin.

pierre21 1st August 2016 11:19
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The Kwajalein Missing in Action (MIA) Project is dedicated to finding World War II aircraft lost in the Kwajalein Atoll lagoon between 1942-45.

The goal of the Kwajalein MIA Project is to locate and identify WWII aircraft wrecks within the Kwajalein Atoll lagoon for maritime heritage discovery, preservation and education.

The primary mission is to help facilitate the recovery of American MIA servicemen from WWII.

The project will include education with emphasis on Operation Flintlock.

Wreck sites are not disturbed in any way by the Kwajalein MIA Project team.

No pieces of wreckage will be removed, moved or sand sifted to attempt to ascertain whether human remains are contained in the wreck or nearby.

pierre21 1st August 2016 11:58

The Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM aircraft 79 «Sparviero» at the bottom of Poros Island, Greece
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An important historical discovery, the first Italian aircraft of World War II was located in Greece.

It is a three-engined bomber Savoia - Marchetti SM 79 "Sparviero", ("Hawk"), at a depth of 59 meters, at the southeast coast of Poros, just 200 meters from the shore.

veltro 1st August 2016 19:40

Re: The Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM aircraft 79 «Sparviero» at the bottom of Poros Island, Greece

edwest2 1st August 2016 22:48

Re: Locating and identifying WW2 aircraft wrecks: The Kwajalein Missing in Action (MIA) Project
Good luck to you. I suggest you contact

if you haven't already.


pierre21 2nd August 2016 11:25

The lost Spitfires: Searching for the aircraft wrecks of the WW2 legends
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WW2 Aviation enthusiasts in Greece, members of have initiated a search for the Spitfire wrecks lost between April 4th to August 7th, 1945.

Those three Supermarine Spitfires crashed in the area of Vari (see map below) and belonged to the 335 and 336 Fighter Squadrons of the Royal Hellenic Air Force (RHAF).

According to official reports, two of them crashed at sea, while the details for the third aircraft do not specify the exact crash site.

pierre21 2nd August 2016 12:59

Re: The Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM aircraft 79 «Sparviero» at the bottom of Poros Island, Greece

Originally Posted by veltro (Post 221490)

Grazie for the additional information on the crew's fate!

Alex Smart 2nd August 2016 16:45

Re: The lost Spitfires: Searching for the aircraft wrecks of the WW2 legends
Hello Pierre,
We seek a crashed Spitfire on the 4th or 5th April 1945 so
It could not be MA344 - a 335 Squadron Spitfire. This a/c force landed at Varkiza on the 9th of July 1945.
I am a little puzzled though about Spitfire BR375/B said to have gone into the sea on the 15th of June 1945. From the airbritain books it was first with 185 Squadron RAF then went to 2 SAAF, being SoC on the 9th August 1945.
Good hunting

pierre21 3rd August 2016 10:17

Identification of a Ju87 "Stuka" salvaged in Greece?
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A Ju87 "Stuka" shot down in 1943 was salvaged some years ago and is currently in a hangar at the Hellenic Air Force Museum.

I shot a series of photos but could not find any details as to the exact identity of this specific aircraft.

Researchers confirm that the Ju87 "Stuka" salvaged in Rodos island had the following details: Werk Nummer 100375 S7+GM shot down southwest of Rodos Island on 09 October 1943, with both crew KIA (pilot officer Rolf Metzger and radio operator Hans Sonnemann)

Full story and more photos here:

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