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keith A 19th July 2008 18:00

Boleslaw Kaczmarek
This pilot (a veteran of 306, 316 and 302 Squadrons) was killed post war flying as an instructor for the Pakistan Air Force. Does anyone know which aircraft he was flying when he was killed in 1951?

shujahkhurazmi 21st August 2010 18:03

Re: Boleslaw Kaczmarek
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Yes, I not only know that he was flying a "Fury Aircraft" of RPAF but I also know that he was serving in 5 Fighter Squadron of RPAF and crashed near Maripur Air Base at Karachi, Pakistan; on 25 October 1951.........
Now would you not ask me how do I know all this??????
I know it, because on that date; two Fury Aircraft flew and Second Fury was being flown by my Eldest Brother Pilot Officer Syed Fazal Hussain Khurazmi.........
Wish to get in touch with any one of his relatives to share his picture that I have in my record (taken from my father).
My Email is and
Hope to hear back from you if you know any relative of this great Pilot........
Best Regards
Shujah Khurazmi, Pakistan

Peter S 21st August 2010 19:30

Re: Boleslaw Kaczmarek
Hi Shujah

I've placed the info about your research on Polish aviation Forum. We'll see what it brings.


Dénes Bernád 21st August 2010 23:04

Re: Boleslaw Kaczmarek
His name prompted the question: where did the Luftwaffe term for wingman, i.e. Kaczmarek, come from?

AlexxG 22nd August 2010 21:09

Re: Boleslaw Kaczmarek
Kaczmarek is very popular surname in Poland, esp. in the Western part of it. So Germans use it like "John Smith" to express 'tipical Polish person'. Huge part of Poland belonged to the German Empire before 1918, so the had to have many Polish pilots in Imperial Aviation of Germany.
It makes us another problem: as I know from Mr. Shujah Khurazmi, Kaczmareks had no children... So now it would be very hard to find the familly of him still living in Poland (if there is any). Only way is by the Red Cross/Red Crescent bureau, I'm affraid.

AlexxG 29th May 2017 18:07

Re: Boleslaw Kaczmarek
There is my book about the Poles in Royal Pakistan Air Force (in English)

Teresa Maria 29th May 2017 21:25

Re: Boleslaw Kaczmarek
There is some information about him:
Kaczmarek Bolesław Jan


RAF Service No.

date of birth
place of birth
Karaczi, Pakistan

date of death
location of grave

RAF rank
Polish rank
306, 302 Sqdn
VM V kl., 4xKW, DFC

known or last posting


Teresa Maria 29th May 2017 21:27

Re: Boleslaw Kaczmarek

Originally Posted by Dénes Bernád (Post 112289)
His name prompted the question: where did the Luftwaffe term for wingman, i.e. Kaczmarek, come from?

I once read (unfortunately, I don't remember the source) that it had first been applied to Silesians serving in the Wehrmacht, only later did it come to be used in reference to wingmen.

keith A 8th June 2018 19:48

Re: Boleslaw Kaczmarek
Can anyone tell me when he joined the Pakistan Air Force?



Alex Smart 9th June 2018 15:41

Re: Boleslaw Kaczmarek
Hello Keith,
Here is his RAF/PAF details in Krzystka's lists.


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