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Nokose 22nd September 2012 23:49

Jagdfliegervebaende 12/II
Dr. Prien,
Is the progress on this volume going well enough that we might see it come out by Christmas? Excellent work on volume I.

Jochen Prien 1st October 2012 11:15

Re: Jagdfliegervebaende 12/II
Dear Nokose,

work on the text is almost completed including the proof reading. However, the photo section is far from complete and needs some very substantial effort to keep up the standard we have shown so far. I hope to be able to tackle this in November but it would still mean that 12/II won't be out before February 2013. With luck we will be able to complete Vol.12 with Part 3 by the end of 2013.


Jochen Prien

Nokose 4th October 2012 20:20

Re: Jagdfliegervebaende 12/II
So volume 12/II will pick up at III/JG51 and cut off where?

Jochen Prien 30th October 2012 11:48

Re: Jagdfliegervebaende 12/II
Yes, 12/II will start with III./JG 51 and will comprise III., IV., Pz.-Jäger- and 15./JG 51 and parts of JG 52; the exact limit has yet to be set depending on the amount of photographic material that can be included and which is not yet finalized. As of now it looks as though Stab, I. and II./JG 52 will be included, with the rest of JG 52 and the whole of JG 54 ( with parts of JG 26 ) forming the contents of 12/III.

Hope this helps.


Jochen Prien

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