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Ben McKinnon 8th June 2019 12:19

Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
Hi everyone, I was looking into Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner and looks lie he had quite a career, apparently whilst a radio operator in a Do17, he shot down Peter Townsend in his hurricane and was later awarded a German cross in gold, he apparently also filmed the attack on Poland by air showing the results of bombs, which was then shown to Adolf Hitler.
The one question I have is apparently he was awarded an Ehrenpokal, however I can see no record of this does anyone have any information ? ...

Chris Goss 10th June 2019 17:09

Re: Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
He was commissioned and apparently got the EP 21 Feb 41 and the DKiG Oct 42

Ben McKinnon 11th June 2019 05:44

Re: Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
Thanks Chris I had a look at the Luftwaffe officer career summaries which seemed a little bit all over the place regarding promotions; and gave no mention of the EP, according to Peter Townsend he addressed him as Colonel, so perhaps he may have served in post war Germany's Air Force. As he finished the war as a Major. Was the EP listed anywhere officially as I believe he earned it as an Oberfeldwebel in 4/kg2 ?

Chris Goss 11th June 2019 08:11

Re: Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
It would have been listed officially but is not listed in the EP book but is listed in Balke's history of KG 2

Ben McKinnon 11th June 2019 10:55

Re: Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
Thanks for the information Chris especially the reference from KG2.
One last question I see they have made mention of him being in KG2 Do 217 E-4
(U5+KM) shot up repeatedly by night fighters 70 KM N of Norwich, unhurt.
Do you know the date for this attack ?

Thanks again

Chris Goss 11th June 2019 11:13

Re: Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
21-22 Jul 42. Do 217 E-4, 5462, U5+KM. 5% damage Ofw Otto Moese (F), Oblt Werrner Borner (B), Ofw Jakob Ziegelmaier (BM) uninjured; Uffz Robert Heller (BF) wounded. The only claim I can see that night was Plt Off Fisher of 151 Sqn who destroyed a Do 217 so probably 1./KG 2 flown by Ofw Heinrich Woplers. This will also help:

Ben McKinnon 11th June 2019 13:00

Re: Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
Thanks Chris, have made my day !
Just got to keep my eye out for a photo of him, there is one later in life with Peter Townsend, apparently they kept in touch well after the war and he is mentioned in Townsends book as the man who shot him down.

Thanks again

Chris Goss 11th June 2019 13:10

Re: Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
I have a photo of the Do 17 after it had crash-landed back at St Leger but none of him

Ben McKinnon 11th June 2019 13:25

Re: Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
Yes please is it from that well known book ?

Again thanks

Chris Goss 11th June 2019 13:27

Re: Oberfeldwebel Werner Borner
What well known book? It is an original from my collection and has been used in a number of articles/books by me

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