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Pilot 13th August 2008 00:16

Greetings all,

did any of you have an info about the pilot on image?

Cheers :razz:

CJE 13th August 2008 15:18

Re: Unknown

I believe he is James Jabara, the US top-scorer in Korea.



Pilot 13th August 2008 17:35

Re: Unknown
It is possibly and this plane behind is the Thunderjet [one friend denote it as E version]. I will try to search now and find more about it. Buy the way- this is just one image from bulk of images I get and this one is among the rare with no info [all of them have some info writen on backside]

Thanks for help :) :)

Cheers :)

ACESIGGY 21st May 2009 08:22

Re: Unknown
Most Definately a straight wing F-84 Thunderjet.

edwest 27th May 2009 05:46

Re: Unknown
I believe it is Jabara.


Pilot 5th June 2009 08:30

Re: Unknown
Thanks Ed :)

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