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Urusut 10th August 2018 19:18

Japanese Ki-21

Please can anyone provide details on the losses all six of Japanese Ki-21 in Mongolia on the 1939?


Juha 23rd August 2018 04:24

Re: Japanese Ki-21
According to Nedialkov's In the Skies of Nomonhan (2011) p. 141
Confirmed losses Ki-21: Shot down in aerial combat: 3; Lost for other reasons 3; Total 6

Håkan 23rd August 2018 18:02

Re: Japanese Ki-21

One Ki-21 was lost on 27/6-39 (same date as one Ki-30 also was lost). See my site at:

Best wishes/Håkan

Urusut 24th August 2018 17:53

Re: Japanese Ki-21


JYoung 3rd May 2019 16:07

Re: Japanese Ki-21
Hello Oleg. I am very sorry for my delayed response.
I have four losses of Ki 21 during Battles of Khalkhin Gol.

3. Jul. 1939. 61st Flight Regiment, Ki 21 s/n 87, shot down by AAA at the left bank of River Khalkhyn Gol. Pilot: SGT Kaoru OHI, KIA; Bomb Aimer: 1LT Hideo SAWAIRI, KIA; Rear Gunner: SSG Akira SHIRAISHI, KIA; Forward Gunner: SSG Yasuo NAGATA: KIA.

7. Aug. 1939. 61st FR. Ki 21 s/n 83, crush due to E/G malfunction at Qiqiharu, Manchuria. A/C Commander: 1LT Minoru HASHIMOTO, KIA, Pilot: SST Shin’ichi KOBAYASHI, KIA; Flight Engineer: CPL Kiyoshi ARITA, KIA; Flight Engineer: Private 1st Class Isao MURATA, KIA.

22. Aug. 1939. 61st FR, Ki 21 s/n 82, shot down by enemy fighters and AAA. Bomb Aimer (A/C Commander): 1LT Akira HANAGATA, KIA; Radio Operator: SSG Naozô NAKAYAMA, KIA; Lower Gunner: SSG Katsuyoshi YONEDA, KIA; Pilot: SSG Tsugio KOYAMA, KIA; Forward Gunner: SSG Kikuo TSUJI, KIA.

24. Aug. 1939. 61st FR, Ki 21 s/n ?, shot down by AAA. Bomb Aimer: 1LT Shirô MIYAKE, KIA; Forward Gunner: SGT Shinzô HARADA, KIA. (Other members of the crew are not mentioned in the document)

Best regards.

Stig Jarlevik 3rd May 2019 18:59

Re: Japanese Ki-21
Very interesting JYoung

Can you elaborate a bit when you say s/n? I was not aware that the Japanese used that.
From western sources it seems track was kept by using the manufactures assigned construction numbers.
In this case they certainly don't fit, unless the numbers you quote are considerably shorterned.

The loss on 7 Aug 1939 is said to be E/G malfunction. By E/G do you mean engine or possibly something else?


Håkan 4th May 2019 13:31

Re: Japanese Ki-21
Nice info!

Oleg - any idea on the loss on 22 August?
Two claims on bombers from 22 IAP are known:
Krasnoyuchenko in the morning and a shared between Baranov and Shabashov?

Best wishes/Håkan

JYoung 5th May 2019 10:07

Re: Japanese Ki-21
Hello Stig.

1. s/n
I’m sorry I’m not a serial number expert. I can only say the document says like that.

2. E/G
You are right, it is “engine”.

3. Correction
Shin’ich KOBAYASHI’s rank: not "SST" but "SSG"

Best regards.

Stig Jarlevik 5th May 2019 13:18

Re: Japanese Ki-21
No worries JYoung

Thanks for getting back to my questions, and your correction.
Quite intriguing....


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