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marcpoole 9th September 2019 03:48

Erich Hohagen-October 14, 1943
I am researching the downing of 384th BG B-17G 42-31059. It was attacked by fighters after bombing Schweinfurt on 14 October 43, and crashed in the vicinity of Nubecourt, France, 14 miles southwest of Verdun. I'd like to ID the pilot who downed the ship, if possible, and have found 2 candidates as plausible...Erich Hohagen of Stab. I/JG 2, and Friedrich May of 3./JG 2...both list claims SW of Verdun, only 3 minutes apart. The time coincides with the time the 384th passed through there.

Does anyone have any info that could shed any light on positively ID'ing who would have shot down 42-31059? It could very well be someone else...these seem the most likely to me. Any help appreciated-

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