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edwest2 12th August 2016 17:20

History of the Mediterranean Air War - upcoming books
Here, author Christopher Shores provides details about the contents of books 4 and 5 in the series. From the Stone & Stone site (another link to volume 3 had to be removed):

No rest for the weary! Christopher Shores and his team have recently released the third book in the highly esteemed series, but they remain hard at work on the next volumes. The author kindly sent us a detailed road map with very ambitious plans for the future.
"We are already well stuck into volume 4, but there is a lot of work to do before we can start guessing at dates etc. Of course, it is all "first time round" for us compared to North Africa and Tunisia, although that does make it fresher for us, and helps keep us very sharp!
"So what will it cover? Essentially the invasions/occupations of Sicily, Italy, Sardinia and Corsica, concentrating on tactical air power and operations, up to the end of October 1943. This will include the almost completely "long-range" tactical operations of the heavy bombers. As at 1 November 1943 (the formation of the 15th Air Force) the strategic air forces will be "hived off" to become volume 5.
"Meanwhile volume 4 will continue with the ongoing tactical operations over Italy, Greece, Albania and Yugoslavia including those by the Balkan Air Force. Whether this requires volume 4 to be cut into two parts will depend on size, which will only become clear as our work continues. We do not, for practical reasons, want to produce a volume larger than volumes 2 or 3, so a volume 4 part I and part II may be necessary. We may therefore need to "slice it" appropriately when the time comes.
"Thereafter for the future we move to the strategic picture. Prior to 1 November 1943 and the formation of the 15th AF, the heavy bombers of the 9th and 12th Air Forces only undertook two real strategic operations and we will start volume 5 with these, and then move to that important date. Thereafter our coverage will, of course, concentrate on the US units of that air force but will tie in with the activities of RAF 205 Group. This was, of course, a joint part of the Mediterranean Strategic Air Force, operating from the same Headquarters and frequently in conjunction with the day bombers. This volume will allow us also to incorporate the fascinating involvements of the air forces of Hungary, Rumania, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and the Italian Fascist Republic."

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