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James A Pratt III 10th February 2020 22:51

TIK Battlestorm Stalingrad
on youtube in the TIK section there is a series of presentations "Battlestorm Stalingrad a day by day down to battalion level in some cases account of the battle of Stalingrad. It mostly deals with ground combat but does have a little on air operations and uses BCRS and Stopped at Stalingrad as sources. In away you might call this the ultimate presentation. Here is what it has of air operations of note:

S2/E4 2 Aug 42 3 trains carrying the 208 RD and 2 ammo trains destroyed East of Kotelnikovo by luftwaffe. VVS bombs RKKA by mistake. German 4th Panzer Army sector
S2/E6 9 Aug 42 RKKA armored train ko'd by Luftwaffe German 4th panzer Army sector.
Does anyone know which Luftwaffe units were involved I would say they were most likely Ju-87s

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