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Polizei 28th November 2007 16:25

Hans Rossbach FDC
I need some help. I have a few Hans Rossbach FDC covers in my collection. I have looked, but haven't been able to find any information on who Hans Rossbach was. I have been told he also did U-Boat FDC covers. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks, Rick Miller.

Pär Salomonson 28th November 2007 22:32

Re: Hans Rossbach FDC

The following information about Hans Rossbach was provided to me by his son Manfred a few days ago. Quoted from his e-mail:

"He died in Nov 2001 at the age of 77 and was as an autograph collector well known in GB and Germany in the field of aviation. Since the age of 16 he started to collecting autographs of famous aviators. His collection has risen to one of the largest autograph collections with more then 20.000 signatures, including around 100 signatures of German airman who died before the end of WW2.

My father was very engaged in reconcile former enemies to a gallantry base. His efforts resulting signatures from German aces at official flight letters with commemorative motives to benefit the Royal Air Force Museums, flown by jets of the German Luftwaffe and RAF. The German Uboot commanders and the English former enemies are look upon favorably.

All signatures are given on photos and official flown postal covers issued by the Royal Airforce Museum with motives of aviate relations and importance. Most of them are unique and in its combination of signatures very interesting. Multi signed covers are mostly meaningful to the signatories and in combination (for example: The cover with the signature of Sir Arthur Portal
(Chief of Staff RAF) and vs. GenLt Adolf Galland (General of the German Fighter Arm), GenLt Dieter Peltz (General of the German Bomber Arm) ,and GenLt Josef Kammhuber (General of the German Night fighters)).

I would say the rest of whole ‘cake’ is to divide in:

1. RAF covers autographed by German survived U-Boat commanders of WW II (KC) - SOLD OUT

2. RAF covers autographed by navymembers in WWI (PLM) and WW II (KC) – SOLD OUT

3. German Air Force series of highly decorated German aviators in WW I, WW II and between the wars, pioneers, aerobatics, Zeppelin crewmen, designers, balloons, constructors

4. The Battle of Britain RAF covers signed by one English fighter ace plus at least one or more British fighter aces.

5. The Battle of Britain RAF covers signed by one English fighter ace plus at least one or more German fighter aces.

6. Around 1000 hand signed photos of USAF Fighter aces and German Luftwaffe aces.

7. Hundreds of Zeppelin post letters

8. RAF Air letters

Another subject: In the end of the 70ies my father had the idea to start a submarine-series including nearly all surviving U-Boat-Commanders decorated with the Knights Cross (oakleaves and swords). We arranged a meeting at Admiral Dönitz’ home and he agree to sign this series and a few extras. Of course all signatures where given with donations for the U-Boat Memorial Monument and charities. All 48 ex-commanders took part this series."

End quote.


Polizei 2nd December 2007 16:10

Re: Hans Rossbach FDC
Thanks for the information. My 2 best Rossbach FDC's are signed by Galland, Hartmann, Barkhorn & Willi Messerschmitt and Jobe & Kurt Tank. I will print the e-mail and keep it with the FDC's for reference.
I wish I would have started the hobby sooner so I could have met the veterans to hear their stories.

Regards, Rick Miller.

Komet163 20th March 2020 21:20

Re: Hans Rossbach FDC
Hans Rossbach, did wonderful work and benefitted veterans and aviation enthusiasts alike. As an autograph collector I welcomed the opportunity to add to my collection with some of the fantastic items he put together. Limited items with multiple signatures.

As an autograph collector I never understand, some people who place a signed photo over a multi signed item. Single signed photos are more common place, depending on the signer, but to have multiple signers on a single item creates a unique piece.

Years ago, about 12 ?We had Manfred and his wife at our home for dinner while visiting our city. At that time he was just at the end of disposing his Fathers collection and was selling on eBay multi signed photos of various aircraft signed by various Luft KC winners, usually three, four or more signing the photo. Unique and rare, I was surprised at the lack of interest on eBay !

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