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Paris Gun 2nd June 2017 17:53

LKpS100 Flight Helmet, size 58+
Hello Gents!

I am a new member; I collect WW2 Luftwaffe Flight items, and I have been desperately searching for a LKpS100 (tan summer canvas) flight helmet with the round bakelite or painted aluminum earphone covers in a size 58 or greater. If you have such a helmet (as well as the leather version in a size 58 or greater), please post a comment with your contact info, message/ email me, etc. If you know the whereabouts of one for sale, I will pay a generous "finder's fee" (typically a percentage of the purchase price; the cheaper the final sale price, the larger the reward/ commission)!!!

I have amassed a large collection of WW2 US aviation items, as well as WW2 German Militaria from the Heer, Luft and KM branches, such as the "AFRIKAKORPS", Heer & Luft. Goring Panzer, KM U-Boat, Fallschirmjaeger, and other combat-related unit items; I largely abstained from Waffen SS stuff, but I do have a named Dot 44 Camo four pocket HBT tunic and matching owner's rare M37 'crusher-style' cloth-covered visor hat, of twill wool and red piped (but that's it, except for Waffen SS camo helmet covers and smocks paired with H.G. Div. items).


Mr Schmitt 25th August 2017 13:33

Re: LKpS100 Flight Helmet, size 58+
Please PM me.

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