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STORMO! 18th February 2005 20:31

A New Modeling and History Related Website
For all those interested, attached are two modeling articles on the Bf.109G6/K4 in Regia Aeronautica (RA) and Aviazione Nazionale Repubblicana (ANR) service.

Also Id like to introduce members of this board to new online magazine entitled STORMO!

STORMO! is a model and history related website dedicated to the Regia Aeronautica and the Aviazione Nazionale Repubblicana - the Italian Airforces of WWII. STORMO! is a complimentary site to 12oClock High! and the Luftwaffe and Allied Airforces Discussion boards. STORMO! publishes high-quality well researched modeling and history related articles, if interested, please submit your articles at:

Also, peek through the STROMO! Model Gallery:

or read through interesting history articles at:

The Gallery and Articles page will be updated regularly so please add these pages to your favorites or check-in on Whats New. Weve also added a Discussion Forum so please do ask any and all questions regarding the RA and ANR or the Italian Armed Forces in WWII (modeling, history or otherwise):

Future STORMO! projects include the publication of a RA and ANR Quarterly Magazine as well as the construction of a RA and ANR Flight Simulator and the addition of a new phpBB Discussion Forum.

STORMO! is a non-profit online model magazine. STORMO! is first and foremost about having fun while learning about a period in history we all find fascinating. Finally, as mentioned, do contribute to lively debates on STORMO!s forum and dont forget to submit your modeling or history related articles.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do contact me at:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Vince Tassone

The Webmaster

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