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S Sheflin 11th May 2019 01:43

James V. Crow
I am saddened to report that my friend James V. Crow passed away on Friday 03 March 2019 at his home. Jim was 79 years young, and a gentleman in the broadest sense of the word. The Luftwaffe research community, as well the rest of the world, has lost a star and a friend. Jim is finally with his lovely wife Erika again.


Steve Sheflin

David E. Brown 11th May 2019 02:18

Re: James V. Crow
HI Steve,

I echo you thoughts. I just got off the phone with Linda and was going to post the following:


Jim's daughter Linda called me earlier this evening to advise me that Jim passed away last Friday, May 3 due to a heart attack. He was 79 and passed away at Linda's home.

This is a huge loss for many of us who have had the benefit of working with Jim and the honour of having him as a friend. Jim was unselfish in his sharing of Luftwaffe and related photos from his collection that be began building in the 1960s.

His funeral will be on Friday May 17, buried with full military honours at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood IL, just outside Joliet IL. His obituary will be in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, May 12.

Rest in peace Jim - you will be missed.


Mark Proulx 11th May 2019 02:57

Re: James V. Crow
I spent many hours on the phone with him over the last decade as he assisted me in my photo gathering. I'm saddened by this and hope he rests now in peace...

Mark Proulx

martinpegg 11th May 2019 11:43

Re: James V. Crow
Sad news indeed. I'm proud to say I knew Jim from the old Gruppe 66 days when he was in the US Army in Germany and began collecting photos. As others have remarked, he was indeed a kind and generous gentleman and his contribution to our knowledge of the Luftwaffe is immeasurable. His passing is a great loss.

Martin Pegg

Roger Gaemperle 11th May 2019 13:48

Re: James V. Crow
That is very sad news. I have visited Jim about 2 years ago at his home. He was a very kind man. He had even ordered a custom made cup with our names on it to remember the gathering. We all went for dinner together and had a great time. I was amazed about his photo collection and knowledge. Because he was so kind to share his collection with those who were interested, his name appears in many books.

When he mentioned his late wife he was on the brink of tears. At least he is now reunited with her again.

Rest in peace Jim and thank you for your hospitality and all your help with my research.


ArtieBob 11th May 2019 16:16

Re: James V. Crow
Please add my name to the long list of people that Jim helped so many times, he had scheduled a visit with me this summer and I will miss him very much.


John Manrho 11th May 2019 16:21

Re: James V. Crow

I am saddened by this news. Jim helped me a lot in the past with pictures for my projects, also the future ones. He will be missed.

Steve, perhaps you can also check with the relatives how we should proceed if we want to use pictures Jim provided for future projects?



Maciej Góralczyk 11th May 2019 17:35

Re: James V. Crow
Jim will be sorely missed. His kind support of any research projects was something unparalleled. May he rest in peace.

Sergio Luis dos Santos 11th May 2019 19:20

Re: James V. Crow
Jim was very kindly when I was searching photos to a book project that I had to canceal. Nice man.

Mark Copeland 11th May 2019 20:49

Re: James V. Crow
What a shock!! It has utterly gutted my weekend!!

I knew Jim for well over thirty years. He was such a wonderful gentleman and a true lover of WWII aviation history.

I don't know how many rosters and phone books I shared with him over the years!! His humor, generosity and passion was only overshadowed by his kindness and friendship.

Give Erika a big hug buddy!! We all are going to miss you my friend.

Mark Copeland
Lakeville, Minnesota

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