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Chris Goss 22nd May 2019 15:41

Stabsing Thönes I./ZG 76
His name has come up a number of times on 12 OCH as flying as a Bordfunker. However, on 2 June 40 he was credited with a Gladiator and that it was witnessed by Fw Helmut Neureiter who I have as being a BF. Also, some records (Fledgling Eagles) state that on 27 May 40 he was flying as BF to Oblt Hannes Jäger but Jäger's FB disagrees and that on 2 June 40 his pilot was Neureiter. Also, Helmut Lent in an account of 2 June 1940 appears to indicate that Thönes was a pilot? Do we have any clarification especially as to who this man was?

Steve Coates 22nd May 2019 15:51

Re: Stabsing Thönes I./ZG 76
The only Fl.Stabsing Thoenes I'm aware of is Alexander (Lex) of E-Stelle Rechlin who was kiiled flying a Fw 190 D-9 in autumn 1944. I guess he might be your man.

Chris Goss 26th May 2019 14:16

Re: Stabsing Thönes I./ZG 76
Should have said thanks Steve-it would appear to be him

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