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Snautzer 28th August 2018 13:07

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. Koolhoven FK-48 Schiphol

edwest2 28th August 2018 21:10

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

edwest2 28th August 2018 21:19

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
USAAF Booklet with Airplane Serial Numbers 1939-1946

Unknown provenance. Worth a look?

Snautzer 3rd September 2018 13:14

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. captured Swordfish Italy K8864
  2. Fokker G1 being build for Luftwaffe
  3. Fokker T.VIIIW/G being build for Luftwaffe

Snautzer 3rd September 2018 22:43

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. Battle L-OT

Nick Beale 3rd September 2018 22:58

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

Originally Posted by Snautzer (Post 257334)

Knowing that a lot of Battle photos come up here, members may be interested in this chronology of losses for 1939–40 compiled by author Jean-Louis Roba for the French site Anciens Aérodromes.

Kaiyan 4th September 2018 08:25

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Hi, I have this QT-L searched can't find a Battle with OT-L

paulmcmillan 4th September 2018 13:09

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
SO QT-I is 142 Squadron Fairey Battle K7696

I think you can just make out serial on photos here

paulmcmillan 4th September 2018 13:13

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Could P5238 be QT-L ?

Kaiyan 4th September 2018 20:13

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Re post 297 I wrote QT-L when it should have been QT-I SORRY MY FINGERS HAVE BEEN TOLD....

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